2009 LEGO Indiana Jones box art for 7682 and 7683 (Flying Wing!) [News]

Well, with pictures of the 2009 LEGO sets up on Brickshelf, Brickset, Eurobricks, How Many Studs to LEGOLAND?, Flickr, and… — you get the idea — I think the genie’s out of the bottle.

There’s so much stuff, we’ll split this into several posts. Let’s get started with LEGO Indiana Jones.

From Raiders of the Lost Ark, 7683 Fight on the Flying Wing:

From Temple of Doom, 7682 Shanghai Chase:

More box art photos from 2009 LEGO sets to come…

13 comments on “2009 LEGO Indiana Jones box art for 7682 and 7683 (Flying Wing!) [News]

  1. Jai

    Oh man, Shanghai Chase is a must-have for those slick cars and for each and every one of those minifigs. Drool-bucket, please.

  2. Littlebrick

    I’m kind of disappointed that they didn’t do a design for Short Round similar to the game character. I still might get the set though.

  3. David

    Yes, I think it’s real yellow, but it could be pale yellow or something.

    They had to come up with a new blonde because I remember an interview about the designers not liking how old blonde looks on freshies.

    The minifigure also has a hole in the hair in order to have the crown stay on.

  4. Morgan19

    Both gorgeous sets, for different reasons. The Chase is wonderfully simple: it is what it is, without the designers throwing in extra crap to pad the set. The flying wing, while using an abundance of large pieces, looks wonderfully swooshable in all its dark green glory.

  5. jimmy

    I think the Plane will be around 40.00-$50.00 and the Chase will be around the 20.00-$30.00. I think these sets will be pretty cool but in the old original pics of the sets, the Shanghai Gangsters had Sweet AK-47 and Bolt Guns! (Batman Type of Guns) Too bad they gave them pistols instead… DANG IT!!!!!! I love the new Short Round Figure, And the new Willie Figure. (THE HAIR) But still I am not that impressed with the Plane… but that’s my opinion.

  6. Wolf

    I picked a Flying Wing at Toys R Us today. Totally shocked me that it was there. The Lego store didn’t have any idea what the shelf date was when I asked them this month. It’s not cheap $50 and not a lot of parts but it’s a great looking model, lots of nice details built in. I got two, likely to buy some more because I want more bare-chested pink minifigs. Also in stores were all of the Construction and Powerminer sets that were leaked. Nice Christmas Surprise. I’ll try to pose again after I have a chance to opent he box, maybe post some pics.

  7. Wolf

    Ok, I’m kind of in love with the Wing. I was allways a big fan of the aircraft so the model is just cool as hell. There’s a lot of pretty accurate detail, and it’s just got great function as a toy. The only thing I don’t like is how the landing gear droops when you lift the plane off the ground, but it does look pretty good on the ground. The truck is sort of dumpy but with just a few good bricks you could make a much nicer version and I really like the ginty looking proportion on the front end. I never managed to buy any of the planes with the new wingset so I was a little surprised at how big it was. The Angle shown on the box really doesn’t do the wing service. With the wing tips on it’s nearly two feet across, almost too large, but it looks great in scale with minifigs.

  8. Indyguy

    I herd that ther is 7 more indy sets Ciaro Ambush, Venis Canal Chase, Fighter Plane Attac,Temple of Doom, Shanghi pursute, Chichualla Cemetery Attack, and Fight on the Flying Wing. Go to Brick-set.com to see!

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