Nnenn proves spaceships can still look fresh and unique

Before I was a brickfilmer, before I was a castler, I was a spacer.  One of the reasons I eventually dropped out of building spaceships was it seemed all LEGO spaceships started to look the same, or all started to fit into fan-made subgenres.  While this in itself is not a bad thing, it leaves many LEGO spaceships with a feeling of “sameness” to them.  But every once in a while, someone comes along and builds a ship that is different from all other spaceships.

Ogre by Nnenn is just awesome.  Have you ever seen and brown and orange ship comprised of three intersecting disks?  I thought not.

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9 comments on “Nnenn proves spaceships can still look fresh and unique

  1. Exxos

    I like the form but the color palette disturbs me to no end. I think we have never seen an orange and brown ship because it so disturbing.

  2. Ramone

    I especially love the greebling along the center disk. Are the orange disks airfoils for atmospheric flight? Or are they like the whale-tail on a hacked Honda Civic?

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