You “two” control the action!

Keith Goldman has just announced the second annual “You Control the Action” contest with the theme of sci-fi horror! The rules are simple, build any sized creation in minifigure scale that delivers sci-fi horror action and you will have a chance to win fabulous prizes plus the all-so craved feeling of having controlled the action. You have until the end of this year to take part in this horrendously satisfying experience.

Braindead? Think “4 foot demonic SHIPS, gory vignettes, haunted MB modules, zombie siege dioramas, blood-trains, one eyed monsters, giant posessed super computers, undead steampunk, lycanthropic cyberpunk, punk-ass ghost-robots and serial killer-mecha.” Start controlling the action today!

15 comments on “You “two” control the action!

  1. Mainman

    Speaking of Keith, isn’t he supposed to be a contributor around here? C’mon, Keith, get your action-controlling manchild butt in gear and post something!

  2. Keith G

    Guilty as charged! I thought prizes might obscure the truth that I have yet to contribute. Consider me suitably chastised.

  3. Keith G

    Or…maybe you’re just bitter because you lost? Two gauntlets are better than one, I mean I assume you’re competing again? I did include horror just for you. And as for you Ry, I don’t remember your entry last year…oh yeah, thats because you were worried you’d lose to Abner Finley, Abner, who didn’t even enter.

  4. Zepher

    I’m in, big fan of Keiths. Sad that YOU AREN”T POSTING ANY MOCS ON HIS SITE OR MOCPAGES!!!, but still a fan. I’ll see what I can do.

  5. Chris Edwards

    Stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen!
    I may be separated from my Lego collection by a few thousand miles (through early November), but I’ve already got something simmering in my head. Can you smell it?

    -The Reigning King of Action

  6. GenerallyShrouded

    I am looking forward to this. Soon I shall emerge from the shadows of the unknowns and take the lego world by storm. Soon, very soon…..
    Love the site by the way!

  7. Keith G

    Status or not, you still have to ask, you sill have to make an effort. I’m starting to think some of you consider this contest a bad idea or something.

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