Has the global financial crisis affected our LEGO hobby?

Sean Kenney recently posted this poignant sculpture of a “short” investor and a short-order cook. Click the photo to see more pictures on Sean’s site:

After marveling at Sean’s fantastic brick-built newspaper, I started wondering if the economic meltdown has affected how we buy or build LEGO these days.

Are we buying less LEGO? Buying more for some reason? Waiting to buy on sale or clearance? Getting inspired to build things that evoke the times, like the zombie apocalypse? I don’t know.

So, I thought I’d write a quick post and put up a new poll (finally!) to ask you, dear readers, how things are different for you today compared with a few months or a year ago. Sound off in the comments and vote in the new (completely unscientific) poll.

Note: If you see an error when you try to vote, rest assured that your vote is still being counted. It’s a conflict between two WordPress plug-ins.

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24 comments on “Has the global financial crisis affected our LEGO hobby?

  1. Ryan

    I voted “No, not really”. I’m actually buying more lego now, but that’s only because my skills are getting better and it’s becoming my main (read: only) hobby. ;)

  2. Lord_Of_The_LEGO

    I voted “Not Really,” because it isn’t the economy that has affected my hobby, it’s college. In fact, the only LEGO I have in my possession at the moment is the red brick keychain hanging from my keys.

  3. Johan

    Since i buy most of my Lego off Bricklink and both the Euro and the USD is higher than they’ve been for years I’m defenatly buying less.

  4. Exxos

    I have stopped buying and there is a good chance that I am going to have to sell some of mine. I am selling whatever else I can first though. I am kind of one of those people that would commit suicide before giving up my lego or books, but it is getting harder month by month to afford food and medications too, so I might have to soon.

  5. Foamrider

    I chose “no, not really”. As a general rule, I often do not buy LEGO. Money is usually tight anyways without the economy’s help. ;)

  6. Pete

    I’m spending less, but it doesn’t have to do with the crisis. My wife and I are adopting, so that is taking up all discretionary monies right now.

  7. superwags

    I have not changed my behaviour that much, but I’ve only really found out about buying from brick link. With the USD getting so much stronger, I think I’ll settle for the more restricted selection from S@H, as long as they don’t change their AUD price level for bricks.

  8. David

    I only buy LEGO in the cold months, so I don’t know yet.

    However because of the mess more people have been buying ice cream. :)

  9. TaltosVT

    I chose “No not really”, since I’m not really buying less. How I buy has changed though. Thanks to living in a rural state, I find myself buying more online than I used to. Even with shipping costs, it’s sometimes cheaper than spending gas money to get to the nearest decent toy store.

  10. ry

    My answer is kind of an amalgamation of a few poll choices. I’m buying more than I ever have, but 90% of it is discount, and it is comforting in a way.
    But am I building it all? Nope, not when I’m working more to pay for it :P

  11. Doctor Sinister

    I have bought more stuff on discount lately, but that’s because I got the timing right (for once!) on a few sets. But as I look at the (almost) complete pile of unopened Agents sets next to me that I’ve acquired in a fortnight – I think I’m buying just as much as before.

    So I’ve reached the conclusion that if I keep this up, I can actually save the planet by spending my way out of the recession.

    In summary – you all owe me a debt of gratitude.

    Dr. S.

  12. Tim David

    I haven’t actually started buying less yet, but I will be as baby is due! however I hardly buy any anyway 1(1 set a year and about $100 on BL) so I’m not contributing to the global meltdown.
    And Dr, you may be saving the world by spending your way out of the recession, but you are eating up vital resources so at the same time negating your effect!

  13. Marc Nelson Jr.

    I’ve haven’t bought any LEGO in months, as I’ve had to pack up my whole collection to move and won’t unpack until I’m finished renovating the new place.

    The current financial situation could have some positive effects on LEGO buying (at least in the US). A stronger dollar makes imports cheaper, and plunging oil prices should lower LEGO’s costs.

    Plus, if holiday retail numbers are looking bad (and they do), retailers could respond with bigger sales.

  14. Dan Rubin

    It’s a shame about the typo on his image, “crisis his LEGO.” I’m hoping that an economic slump leads to some good clearance opportunities in after-Christmas sales.

  15. apocalypse mad

    I’m buying much less these days, and being inspired to build apocalego.

    will the russians build nuclear misilles because the road tax went up?

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