At the center of my heart is a minifig

Okay, not really (my wife would kill me if that were true), but Casper‘s brother created this stunning bronze sculpture to celebrate the minifig’s 30th birthday.

Casper described the process in a comment on MOCpages:

The technique is that you start out with styrofoam and dig a hole with a very hot thingy. Then you place a Minifig in the midle and place the whole thing in castig and make a molding form(?). Then you burn this in a very hot oven as to make everything plastic and organic to burn away. Then you pour bronze into the mold and wupti – this is what you get.

Contrary to some of the horrified responses, I think this is a beautiful piece of LEGO-inspired art.

5 comments on “At the center of my heart is a minifig

  1. Will Will

    hahahahahaha! Crazy funny. I love the way he describes making it: “wupti” FTW! There’s so much humour to be found in this post (if you’re looking for it). Hilarious.

    … and creepy.

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