Michael Jasper goes Scientific

Michael Jasper is one of our favorite builders here on The Brothers Brick. He has recently updated his Characters gallery with major contributors to the sciences: Alfred Nobel and Carl Zeiss.

15 comments on “Michael Jasper goes Scientific

  1. Nathan Proudlove

    Fantastic! That open drawer just makes my head spin! How did he do that? Also, I built one of his motorcycles and highly recommend doing so. They are about a hundred timed more impressive once you’ve built one.

  2. Will Will

    I have to agree with Nathan — that open drawer was one of the 1st things that caught my eye. This dude has a very creative mind. I love the Bunsen-burner as well. Inspiring!

  3. darthrichi96

    Hey, you guys are great! I was wondering if maybe you guys could post a few of my inventions. I create star wars/ space vehicles, and lego accesories, like guns and things they can ride in. I have made once recently that is really talented. I’ll post a picture of it on this blog in a week. I’ll e-mail you once it’s up. I can create some really cool things for my age and with the limited legos I have. If I had unlimited of any legos, I could probably create the best looking one in the world. Here’s the link, I’ll post a picture as soon as I can! http://dothechill.wordpress.com

  4. John Rudy

    Anyone know the source on those trans-white technic pins? Are those Billund castoffs or were they available in a recent set?

  5. Gambort

    darthrichi96> You’ve just ensured that I won’t be blogging anything of yours. We have systems in place for you to pimp your own stuff and hijacking the comments of a post is not one of them.

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  7. Jakub Kraft

    Hi, I just wander what number is the part that is in the Nobel model on the table used to hold the pirate hook? I have never seen it before, but Jasper uses it often, for example as an ashtray.

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