It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

Pirates and Ninja have been fighting it out for quite awhile. But now its time for the Final Round! Its all come down this: a competitive-eating competition, hosted by Anthony Sava. Get Ready, Get Set, Chow Down!

24 comments on “It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

  1. Sam

    (The ninja swallows a hot dog whole but it gets caught between the bottom of his head and his neck stud. He grabs the pirate’s sword and shoves it down his throat to cut up the hotdog, and his head falls off.)

  2. Ryan

    Please spare us the violence, Sam. This is a friendly pirate/ninja competition, hence the lack of cutlass/katana. :))

  3. Patrick

    Pirates are disgusting and cruel and they eat old moldy food
    that is 3 years old
    Ninjas are better
    case closed

  4. Jack

    Alright listen up everyone..
    You cannot eat that many hotdogs so fast without choking, throwing up, dieing up stomach viruses etc. therefore no one will win.

    P.S. And to patricks comment on how Ninjas were around longer than pirates.. ur wrong. Pirates still exist today, they’re called modern day pirates, they use modern boats and guns and stuff but they still are criminals, modern-day ninjas don’t exist.. do you think you’d see a guy with a real sword and a black mask running on walls and jumping of cliffs…. NO. You won’t even see that in China, or Japan, wherever those dudes were born… so haha….

    – Jack in a Box

  5. Joel

    To Jack in a Box,
    There are Modern Day Ninjahs running around. Take a gander at these specimens if you like and it will prove that modern day Neenjaahs are people that practice Free Running and Le Parkuor.

    And wall your at it take a look at this, cuz it’s sweet…
    Skip to Minute 3 Side Fury&hl=en

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