They are coming...

The darkness is coming to BrickCon, bringing with it a massive invasion of my signature Black Fantasy creature, the Cyclopean Virtue. There’s only less than one month left before the showdown, so register now before it’s too late. You can contribute to the invasion by making one or more of your own to add to the army (instructions).

Meanwhile, you can support my BrickCon projects by purchasing a custom model. I am selling a very limited quantity of the Tripod Droid and Andante (click on links for details).

Above art by Greg Hyland

10 comments on “They are coming...

  1. anon

    Good to know you’re not using the brothers brick to selfishly whore your theme out or anything Nannan.
    Seriously, come on man.
    Just because this year appears to be all about community projects and go team and all that other BS doesn’t excuse this. In fact I’d go as far as saying this little “invasion” will come off as exactly what it is: A pitiful attempt at attention whoring on the coattails of others.


  2. wintermute

    Here are my thoughts on this:

    The crucial difference between the communal events that both ChiefLUG and the newly christened BroLUG are attempting at this year’s Brickcon is that they allow more room for creativity. Each allows a builder to take a subject and put their own spin on it. While yes the viper is standard fair there’s plenty of room to do your thing with it as evidenced by nearly everyone that’s popped up. In fact I like seeing people take the design away from the original such as Mark Sandlin’s heavy viper or Bram’s significant changes to the design. We’re also not just restricting people to vipers, anything that fits in the display goes whether it be minifigs, ships, hangar bits, etc.

    The Zombie apocalypse allows creativity even more so having only a loose format to contain many builders various build styles and thematic ideas with no real restrictions beyond the standard modular buildings. I’ll definitely be contributing something to this and can’t wait to see it take shape over the weekend.

    Anon makes great points here about your timing as well Nannan. Despite my personal feelings I may have even gotten behind a community black fantasy layout had you done something similar to the contest a while back. A loose format allowing each builder to present their own take on it would make for a living and varied layout. Instead we’re left with over a hundred of the same thing which to me seems rather boring and unimaginative.

    It’s brutal to say but true that this appears as a wannabe event with the sole purpose of promoting yourself and your “signature creation”. I’m curious as to what others think of this.

  3. Fisch

    Whoa, what the heck? This is very confusing. And is kind of being blown out of proportion, if you ask me. But I guess no one did, so I suppose I’ll leave.

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