Party’s on at Noddy’s motorcycle clubhouse

Karwik (Noddy), the guy with the bikes, is throwing a big party at his motorcycle clubhouse, and gosh is the scene lively. With so many people and bikes to check out and details aligning every corner, this is something you don’t want to miss. Oh, and the fun‘s just getting started, check out the details gallery ;)

7 comments on “Party’s on at Noddy’s motorcycle clubhouse

  1. ry

    …please tell me the “FiRST!!1!” thing really isn’t happening in the Lego world now, too.

    I officially quit the internet.

  2. nolnet

    OMG, thank you Nannan! I stumbled over this before but forgot to bookmark it. It’s so full of detailed winnage and awesomeness – an instant classic. Noddy, you are da bomb!

  3. Fisch

    @ry- I concur.

    There is so very chock full, or stuffed to the gills, or jam packed if you will, with incredible detail. To much to describe even, with my laziness, in this comment. Overall it is amazing. And his town is beyond words even!

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  5. Hippotam

    Ooops, my trackback (above) somehow went as ‘Anonymous’. Sorry.

    Anyway, we have been lucky to see this clubhouse is person and it is even better. On pictures, it looks smaller than in reality.

  6. Kaitimar

    Great stuff, Noddy! The building, the figs, the bikes….
    My Slavonic brethren are masters of LEGO. Noddy, Mr Zumbi, Hippo… (Not to mention Zbigniew Libera) I think I should consider going to one of the LugPol´s events, this kind of thing is definitely worth seeing live!

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