Michael Jasper’s shopping cart

The Genius of Tiny Things, Michael Jasper recently posted a new minifig accessory — the shopping cart:

And for those who missed it, a very tiny motorcycle:

7 comments on “Michael Jasper’s shopping cart

  1. minifig

    The man’s a genius. He’s the equivalent of a theoretical physicist breaking the boundaries of what can be achieved. Lego should employ him!

  2. Shadowviking

    And yet he still has no proper dove or pigeon ._.
    Hahaha, just kidding, a genius he is indeed! I just spent an hour or so trawling his various b-shelf folders again, just for fun… brilliant, all of it.

  3. Will Will

    … and really well presented, too. Dude’s DaVinci. His Brickshelf layout was a real treat. So many expressive minifig faces and wonderful photography. Cheers.

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