Crimson Wolf builds a Dragon Temple

Newcomer Crimson Wolf, winner of the Small Category of the recent Picking Up The Pieces ApocaLEGO Contest with his Mine/Cave Hideout, has just posted pictures of another great creation, a Dragon Temple to “honor a lesser dragon god.”  The temple is beautiful, with many great details, but my favorite part is the dragon itself.


7 comments on “Crimson Wolf builds a Dragon Temple

  1. Dragonator

    Just awesome. That brick-built dragon is one of the finest I have seen at that scale, this builder is a master! The temple has that picturesque oriental look, and the detail is amazing. From the golden bell down to the clouds and actual structure, this is one of the best MOCs I’ve seen recently. I just can’t get over how great that dragon looks! Stunning…

  2. Hoang

    This is one of the coolest dragon Lego related. Pretty clever to have it built in grey too, especially when you think of dragon you think of them green. I really like the platform forming illusion of clouds, totally awesome.

  3. Ramone

    Wow, that could totally be an advance set. Get Lego on the phone! Also, if you go 3 pages deep on his flickr site he’s made a kickass treasure pile.


  4. Fisch

    Mein gott! That is seriously a far out piece of work you have there, mate! As soon as I saw it (being a Miyazaki fan myself), I thought of Spirited Away. It reminds me so much of the eye candy he gives one on the big screen. So detailed and beautiful, superb, I am thoroughly impressed!

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