Drahken from the cold

Peter Morris' Drahken and base

Rocks: check, base: check, launchpad: check, compact design: check, fun colours: check. After admiring his recent (and tiny) Fireball I asked Peter Morris to do me the honour of building something for my Dogfighters 2137 theme and he’s more than lived up to my expectations with the bDY-210 Drahken and its base.

As an added bonus Peter made an LDraw model of the Drahken which allowed me to begin a joint CGI image featuring the Drahken and my own Verdant Fern. Fun stuff and being able to share models across the world is just amazing.

2 comments on “Drahken from the cold

  1. Matt

    the ship alone would have drawn applause, but with the landing pad it’s a very cool diorama all-around. I really like that’s there’s lots of studs exposed, which is appealing because it’s like, “wait, that could totally be an official lego set, and it would rock!” for serious.

    and that render’s impressive too, but it deserves a bigger image, so i encourage anyone reading this to click on it.

    and of course i also think it is great that LDraw has united builders from around the world. there’s the proof that virtual lego makes the world a better place.

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