Instructions for 4999 Vestas Windmill

Although the sought-after Vestas Windmill will not be available for the general public, you can attempt to build your own through the official instructions from LEGO. The instructions come in part 1 and part 2.

14 comments on “Instructions for 4999 Vestas Windmill

  1. Rollen (Lich Barrister)

    I was looking forward to this set! I demand ecologically conscious themes in Lego sets!

  2. David

    It’s not even that nice of a set, it’s just interesting.

    No one wants to build it, we want the pieces and the green BURPs! :)

  3. Anonymous

    How easy is it to get a job at Vestas? Do they opperate in any countries where child labor is legal?

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  5. Roderick Griner

    Looks like Lego got entirely too many download hits… hmmm… if anyone downloaded it in time, let me know!

  6. Claus


    I have just recieved this Windmill today, because I’m a Vestas employee. Anyone who maybe wanna buy this windmill. Ofcourse for a good price, because it is a limited edition..


  7. Andrew

    And it looks like I’m going to have to lock comments on this post too, because Vestas employees like Claus are trying to profit from LEGO fans. The Brothers Brick is not a buy/sell/trade forum.

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