Summer ends, and the big evil school bus eats you

Matt S. shows what happens at the end of summer, which involves finding oneself on the big bad yellow bus once again. But I don’t remember my school bus having sharp teeth that chomped on children. Oh how times change.

7 comments on “Summer ends, and the big evil school bus eats you

  1. Doctor Sinister

    This is great, made me smile. Of course, I’m never going to take public transport again now. So my carbon footprint will increase. And the Earth will die.

    I hope you are happy.


    Dr. S.

  2. Foamrider

    I love this!

    Yes, this is why the public school system has failed. They can’t keep the buses under control!

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  4. nolnet

    Hahaawesome! I like the mean eyebrows.
    I live in a non-yellow-schollbus-country, but the image resembles the big yellow entrance doors of my former school.

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