Bionicle giant

Brickshelf user LOVEJOINT has a score of interesting Bionicle creations in his gallery. Check out this goliath made from mishmashed Bionicle armor and parts. The style is much reminiscent of the Transformers from the movie, and if all parts had been in black, I would hail this builder as a LEGO Giger.

22 comments on “Bionicle giant

  1. Kry8ter

    Are those little guys at his feet Lego too? What set/theme are they associated with? I am looking on and cannot find them.

  2. Jai

    Holy crap, what a monster. Definitely would look cooler all in black, but the immense size is still amazing.

  3. Shakespeare

    ya know the little guy at the foot of that mech, the middle one with joints? what brach of lego is that? i have seached and i am just stumped!

  4. jaller of doom

    DUDE realy hou much pieces do yuo need for this holly shmoky?and hau much time do yuo need? :) that holly is so cool :D and tell us what do yuo think about yuor cration ;) and i forgot…Crimeny jim jam!!!!!!!!!thts is so cool,cool,cool,cool,cool and cooooooooooool!!!!!!! :0

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