First pictures of new set 10189 Taj Mahal [News]

UPDATE: 10189 Taj Mahalicon is now available for pre-order in the United States as well! It’s $299.99 and will ship by September 15, 2008.

Brickshelf user whung has a picture showing an upcoming set, the 10189 Taj Mahal. As of now I have no further information regarding this set, but from the box it looks like a general release product, and at almost 6000 pieces, it would be the largest LEGO set to date and would rival the price of the UCS Millenium Falcon set.

17 comments on “First pictures of new set 10189 Taj Mahal [News]

  1. John Rudy

    Great to finally see some images of this set we’ve heard about since the replacement parts leak this past winter…

  2. Ramone

    Doesn’t look tan. Could be off-white though. (Not the same thing. I think the new indy sets are “tan”).

  3. Andrew

    Based on the sign to the left of the sets, I think it’s safe to assume this wasn’t sneaked illegally out of the Czech factory…

    Now for some analysis:

    Chinese-speaking locations that use dollars (not USD) include Hong Kong and Singapore. 2,000.00 HKD = 256.28 USD, while 2,000.00 SGD = 1,458.15 USD. Singapore uses simplified Chinese, while Hong Kong uses traditional Chinese. The text in the sign appears to be traditional Chinese, so I’m guessing this is from Hong Kong.

  4. Fred

    Trying to figure out how the ‘window’ detail on the surrounding wall is accomplished. Good mix of parts or some new piece?

  5. Yendred


    My guess is that the windows on the surrounding walls are made of :
    – a 1×3 arch for the top
    – two bricks 1×1 with headlight for the sides, oriented towards each other
    – and a standard 1×3 plate for the base

    but I may be wrong…

  6. Yendred

    My own interrogations are about the dome (1×1 round plates placed stud-on-side ?) and especially these blue curls of arabesques just beneath the dome. I would be disappointed if they were made of stickers…

  7. David

    It would never be 500$ because there is no minifigures, smaller pieces and no Star Wars name. And the building is white so why would they make it tan?

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