Nnenn on LAML Radio!

James Wadsworth, host of LAML Radio, has audaciously reached the most mysterious builder on the internet – Nnenn. As a highly prolific space artist, Nnenn has astounded LEGO fans with his polished and stylized spacecrafts. As a person he remained nameless and faceless online. Now LAML Radio has a detailed and comprehensive podcast interview with Nnenn, enjoy!

Furthermore, throughout the month of August, James will attempt to interview one builder each day! Check back often at LAML Radio; you’ll never know who’s next.

9 comments on “Nnenn on LAML Radio!

  1. yokomode01

    well that was an interesting interview….
    would not call it “exiting”,
    but it certainly confirmed a lot of thoughts i had about nnenn –
    straight from his own mouth and in his own words….

  2. samus

    I love the idea of interviewing other builders. It’s fun to get their opinions and here about them. Nnenn was a good choice for the first builder.

  3. Jacob

    Actually, some of what he said was already mentioned in his Masoko Tanga interview (which I think he even referenced at one point). It was, nevertheless, interesting to learn a bit about the man behind the rubber band holder, and I’m eagerly looking forward to this month of RLAML.

  4. Imhotepidus

    I wonder if his wife is happy about his saying that she is an ‘outdoorsman’?

    Seriously, though, this also confirmed some vague impressions I had about Nnenn – very interesting.


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