8 comments on “10188 Death Star speed build video

  1. Nannan

    This was done at Brickworld. I looked very hard to see if I can spot the milisecond of me stopping in the background to observe for just a few minutes.

  2. Scotty

    Say, whos that long haired kid on the right?

    tfols: Jordan Neeves, Lukas Winklerprins, Knick Dean, and myself. There were two Afols, which I didn’t know :( Sorry to you guys, I just cant remember your names. 1 guy builds awesome tanks (not magnus) and the other guy was a Train’r who has awesome hair.

  3. Sibley

    Train’r with awesome hair sound like Dan Siskind to me. Actually, both those descriptions sound like Dan Siskind. Did they happen to look like identical clones?

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