LEGO Universe video from Gizmodo & Kotaku continues to tease

LEGO Universe remains fairly mysterious despite this video from Gizmodo and Kotaku (click through to view):

This is the first time we’ve seen any kind of real in-game footage, and the short video (and article) also provides some insights into how the game has been developed with input from LEGO fans.

(Nice to see LEGO Certified Professional Robin Sather in this, and I think I caught a glimpse of Tormod Askildsen too.)

5 comments on “LEGO Universe video from Gizmodo & Kotaku continues to tease

  1. Sibley

    I’m not in this video :( The editing seemed a little weird in places, like sound getting cut off too quickly at the end of sentences. The game, however, continues to be…intriguing.

  2. yokomode01

    i spotted Mel Caddick (former Australian) also…
    Sp i guess we will see some nice furniture??

  3. Ted

    And also Thomas from Seattle and John (blurry because he is always in motion!) and Steve from VicLUG in the photo of the workshop along with Robin.

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