Miffy by Legokinsfolk

When I saw this at first, I thought it was another Sanrio LEGO creation from Legokinsfolk. However, it turns out to be Miffy, a picture book character created by Dutch author Dick Bruna.

Legokinsfolk’s version is spot-on, with an interesting technique to create the head.

10 comments on “Miffy by Legokinsfolk

  1. Gambort

    I feel ashamed that you missed that ;) Miffy rocks and is so prolific in Japan and other developed parts of Asia… but oh so cutekawaii.

  2. yokomode01

    i cant tell you how much i love this creation!!
    a meeting of two of my very favorite things.
    to quote Gambort – “Lego is the epitome of cool”,
    and i collect Dick Bruna books…. i have every one he has drawn (my wife is a school librarian, i get them free, heh).

  3. The_Doughboy

    This is a completely random question, and not related at all to the post, but… what are greeblings/greebles? Thanks!

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