Comic-Con exclusive LEGO sets revealed [News]

For the past few months, LEGO fans have wondered what’s inside the exclusive secret Indiana Jones box available at Comic-Con (July 24-27) with a limited edition of 500. Just now, the set has been listed on Ebay with its contents, revealed to be the BrickMaster Indy jeep along with two natives minifigs and a small temple scene.

Furthermore, and to our surprise, an exclusive Clone Wars set is available as well with a limited edition of 1200. This kit includes full contents of the Hailfire Droid & Spider Droid set and the Droids Battle Pack in addition to five new clone minifigs and a special poster. Click on the picture below for more.

Via Brick Horizon

12 comments on “Comic-Con exclusive LEGO sets revealed [News]

  1. Curtis

    5 clones, 7 battle droids, and 4 super battle droids? That would be incredible. I’d buy it.

  2. Morgan19

    You know what’s scary? If I didn’t *know* it’s a LEGO set, that Clone Wars kit’s packaging and artwork looks like it could be a Hasbro or Kenner toy box instead of a LEGO set… (The action figure-like clone accessories don’t help that, either.) I’m not so sure that’s such a good thing.

  3. Chris

    While attending the recent LIT (Lego Inside Tour), when visiting
    the packaging facility we say the “Clone Wars” set being assembled!

    The box did look a little non-Lego, I was wonder what it was all

  4. JK

    wow. i hate comic con. the have one of the coolest star wars ary builder set ever for themselves. B@$%&*^ds.

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  8. Joe Bo

    Our box from Comic Con didn’t contain the Droids Battle Pack (kit 7654). When we opened up the box it had the Clone Troopers Battle Pack (kit 7655) instead. I don’t know if they all do or if ours was just done in error. Kind of steep price, too if you’re taking them out of the box to play with. You pay $75 at Comic Con for about $30 worth of product.

  9. Jared R

    My friend bought the exclusive Star Wars set, and his came with the Droid Battle Pack, too. But yeah, the Indy set was totally weaksauce.

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