Some of Corran101’s animals are more equal than others

I first read George Orwell’s Animal Farm as a child, long before learning about the complex allegory of historical references (such as Snowball‘s representation of Leon Trotsky). When I read it again in college, a whole new dimension opened on the page.

Harrison uses BrickForge animals to illustrate a crucial scene in the book:

4 comments on “Some of Corran101’s animals are more equal than others

  1. Bunbrick

    I too didn’t even see the description yet while already instantly recognising the origins of this cleverly made MOC.

    So I’d say Corran101 succeeded admirably in capturing the scene.

  2. bricktales

    Hey Duney,

    What was your impression of the book without a knowledge of the historical symbolism? I didn’t read this till I was a teenager, so of course cannot see the story fully separate from the allegory.


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