Microscale Wipeout race by Havoc

Inspired by the 1995 game Wipeout, Havoc‘s futuristic racing scene both excellent buildings with custom billboards and a set of six great racers:

(Via MicroBricks.)

15 comments on “Microscale Wipeout race by Havoc

  1. Fred

    Looks grand. Never played the game so, I’m not sure what the significance is of the blue “shadow” on the road.

  2. Morgan19

    It threw me for a minute too, but I think it’s supposed to be one of those arrows in the road that boosts a racer’s speed. Maybe?


  3. legovaughan

    The “shadow” is a “speed-up” zone – since the craft were super fast and ‘floated’ above an anti-gravity track, you could get the momentum of you craft up and go even faster if you hit the zones in succession.

  4. Mark Kelso

    The angular orientation of the road takes this up a notch. It would be an excellent MOC anyway if it were square with the buildings, but the offset angle puts it over the top. Really nice!!

  5. Ramone

    The arrow threw me off too. I thought it was supposed to be exposed pavement at first. Either way, nice work!

  6. Curtis

    Having played the game before (and many other similar games) I got it right away, it’s a booster arrow! This Scene is spectacular, the only thing that could possibly make it any better would be lights! if the arrow lit up along with the billboard and sky scrapers I think this would be scrumtralescent.

  7. Bunbrick

    This is such a treat for the racers alone already. And it only gets better when taking in all the other crafty parts of the build. Lovely skycrapers, too. Just a great overall scene!

    And to be honest, I thought the blue patch was perhaps a rain puddle, but that right away already didn’t seem to make much sense in a race with ‘floating’ racers… *blush*

  8. "Big Daddy" Nelson

    Love Wip3out and this is a great MOC. The game inspired my Shell V-Hover racer, too.

    Go, Auricom, go!!

  9. havoc1982

    Yes, blue arrow on the ground is a speed booster :)

    And now I’m planning to build Brickout 2 with ‘small’ changes ;)

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