First images of 4999 Vestas Windmill set [News]

Brickshelf user RasRasRas has the first pictures of an upcoming large special set, 4999 Vestas Windmill. The motorized model towers over two feet and includes a nice setup of the base with minifigs and a small van. Take another look and you’ll see that the set includes green BURPs, oh my.

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  1. Cargo

    This looks awesome! Alternative energy AND lego, together at last! Where will this be available?

  2. wunztwice

    Just had a ton of these installed nearby, A great addition for the growing energy needs of Market street.

  3. Sibley

    Totally awesome! It’s cool to see environmentalist sets from LEGO. Though, as is typical for minifig-scale sets, it is waaay too small–those things are huge!

  4. Fred

    A little ironic when considering lego is a product of oil and you spin the blades with a battery but, still a nice token move.

  5. James

    And no one cares about all the poor birds and animals who will have their environment upset because of all these new windmills?


  6. Bunbrick

    That’s funny, on my way over to the compy I had a construction idea for a LEGO (farm type) windmill on the mind; and what’s the first thing to greet me on TBB?

    Neat looking set.

  7. Jedimasterwagner

    one thing that i never woulda seen coming is a lego wind farm. what happened to playability? what the heck would you do with a giant 2-foot lego windmill!?!

    i guess that’s what that’s van’s for, for you to play with. *snicker*

  8. Mike

    Way cool, and here I was hoping the TLC would go with a ECO-LEGO City. And yet there it is. Cool news.

  9. Alan

    I work in a power engineering research group at a University and I’m trying to convince my boss we need a few of these to set up on stands during our open days to attract students over! Then I can just steal them afterwards…

  10. Dave&Stacy

    Nice! This set is definitely on my “must have” list for this year. Has anyone heard if this is a ‘promo only’ set or will it be sold through S@H?

  11. Steven S.

    You know i bet i could modify this to were it runs off a solar panel instead of batteries. And put the solar panels on top of the house to make it look even more eco friendly.

  12. Bryan L.

    That’s the thing, why don’t they make a real lego li’l generator which powers a couple lights on the house or something when you spin it. Plus it would be fun to combine it with other power functions for all sorts of li’l green lego experiments. Who knows perhaps somebody could come up with a li’l battery/spring powered lego hybrid. That my friends would be the greeniest.

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  16. Codo

    I don’t think those are BURPs. I think that’s just a baseplate with some raised (heavily) features.

  17. David

    No one will be able to buy this set anyways, so it doesn’t matter. LEGO makes awesome promos and never sells they to the public.

    However the house is way too damn small, way too small. There is no way the two minifigures and dog will fit in there.

  18. David

    Those are BURPs because of the shape, but also because the motor has to me hidden in there for this to work.

  19. TGSC

    Promo only, for internal Vestas use. Picture leaked from Czech factory, should have been secret.
    An FLL winner made a turbine that was sensitive to wind, perhaps Lego could make an NXT version, but unlikely to be commercial.

  20. jan christensen

    Sorry everyone, but the Windmill is made exclusively for Vestas and will not be available for public release.

  21. Andrew

    @Jan: Thank you very much for the official word from LEGO, Jan. That’s too bad, but I hope that the City team hears about the excitement among fans about this type of set, and considers developing something like this for the future. :-)

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  26. rapidos2

    i like this set 4999 vestas windmill
    when this beautiful set is available?
    i am interest purchase this set.. do i can buy anywere?

  27. Billy

    It can’t be too hard…it is a stick with a rotating rectangular block on the top. Use your imagination, some gray pieces, and some thought and you too can build your very own LEGO wind turbine…

  28. George Throtantin

    whats ironic is it doesnt matter what lego is made of, nor what this turbine is powered by. the reason LEGO is using a Vestas turbine is because LEGO is a Danish manufacturer, and so is Vestas. The politics involved are nothing more then that. theyve been teamed up for years now showing wind turbines at lego exibits for a while only difference is before the LEGO models had REAL Vestas miniature turbines.. now LEGO has a model..

    i will be buying one for sure :) (i work for Vestas)

  29. James Mathis

    Cool patio chairs: made with vehicle fender arches and 1×1 headlight bricks. Nice set!! We’ve got wind turbines here on Maui… but, I don’t think they are Vestas. The Kaheawa Wind Power website indicates they are from GE: quantity 20, 1.5 Megawatt each, providing about 9% of energy for Maui.

  30. Andy

    @George –am interested to see what the Vestas internal pricing of this product is, if you are willing to share

  31. kathy

    As far as I have been able to find out Andy, all sales are done through Lego and not Vestas so no discount for Vestas emplyees (very sad). I can’t even find out a price or when or where it is going on sale.

  32. Mike

    Hi everybody.
    I can inform you guys that Vestas gave those wind mills to all its emplyees as a summer gift. Didn’t cost a thing. I work at Vestas here in Ringkøbing Denmark and i just got mine yesterday.
    It looks pretty nice. As i can see alot of the emplyees are trying to sell the windmills for alot of money on diffent sites. So it could be possible to get your hands on one if you really want to.

  33. Mike

    Another note about them.
    There only made 25.000 of them.
    The reason they ordered them to us Vestas workers was so that we could get an assignment. That was to find a Vestas Ambassador and give this set to.

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