Michael Jasper refuses to give in to peer pressure

New updates to genius-builder Michael Jasper‘s Brickshelf folders of Characters and Things are always a treat.

But Michael has posted a completely new conceptual gallery — “Peer Pressure” — that illustrates his storytelling skills with the simplest of creations:

Via VignetteBricks.

7 comments on “Michael Jasper refuses to give in to peer pressure

  1. Jacob

    My, you’re on a posting spree tonight. My personal favourite from that gallery is the one with the heads by themselves.

  2. Mark Kelso

    These are brilliant. The one with the heads reminds me of Shannon Oceans “Cool Machine.”

  3. Ryan (DeMartinet)

    Wow… Flippers for conveyor belt legs, dagger sprues for cell phones… He really is a genius!

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