LEGO Wall-E roundup #2

Even though Pixar’s Wall-E didn’t dominate the box office this past weekend, our lovable robotic hero continues to dominate the hearts and imaginations of LEGO builders.

First up, Wall-E Directing Animator Angus MacLane adds to his collection of LEGO Wall-E models at three different scales. Here’s a mini Wall-E:

Angus’s micro Wall-E has a two-brick cooler, while his nanoscale Wall-E is accompanied by a nanoscale Eve:

Not to be outdone by Mark Sandlin, Chris Giddens gets in some some Wall-E action:

Andrew Lee takes his inspiration from Chris Giddens (with three-brick cooler), while Steve and his son Adam use gears for my favorite Hal so far:

Jimmy may have been the first person to build a LEGO Wall-E (back in February), and his recent vignette depicts Eve zooming around the devastated landscape:

Lindsay Joy‘s Wall-E shows off his dance moves, and Ted Godwin provides instructions for his microscale version:

Finally, the BlueToothKiwi team has posted the inevitable MINDSTORMS NXT version (via MINDSTORMS NXT Review and The NXT STEP):

EDIT: Samus11 gives Wall-E a boot and a cooler (thanks castlebuilder100!):

LEGO Wall-E creations previously featured on The Brothers Brick:

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  1. Ryan (DeMartinet)

    ^ Yours was the first one I ever saw, and it’s still by far the best minifig-scale one. (I’m bhowerter on flickr)

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