M577 Aliens APC by Havoc

Aliens remains one of my favorite sci-fi movies, in large part because of the awesome (though mostly futile) hardware the Colonial Marines throw at the aliens. Havoc‘s version of the M577 APC is chock full of awesome:

This bad boy even has a full interior:

(Via Whippersnappers in the Void.)

The Aliens movies have spawned quite a few posts here on The Brothers Brick over the years:

9 comments on “M577 Aliens APC by Havoc

  1. Xiphos

    My brain’s having a little trouble registering how completely awesome this is. Everything’s so perfect…

  2. Araque

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  3. Dan

    Wow that looks awesome. Job well done indeed! Is it scaled for mini-figs? If so, you may be interested in the M41A pulse rifles for minifigs, sold by Brick Arms on Ebay, though your armory constructed with standard lego parts is very effective, especially the smart gun :D

  4. phaota

    Would love to have a copy of that. You should sell both fully assembled and DIY kits. If reasonably priced, I’d definitely buy one.

  5. havoc1982

    Unfortunately it’s not scaled for any of the figs. Too big for minifigs, too small for technic figs and Jack Stone figs. But maybe I’ll do something about it ;)

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