Cagerrin’s Bionicle frog has an adorable mechanical leg

Cagerrin‘s poor Bionicle frog must have lost a leg, but Cagerrin is a kind soul, so now the frog has a mechanical leg:

Since the leg is apparently steam-powered, this is our first post to contain the word “frogpunk” (though not the first reference to the concept). See Cagerrin’s Brickshelf gallery for delicious froggy goodness.

Thanks to Jamie for the e-mail, and BioniBlog for the reminder.

5 comments on “Cagerrin’s Bionicle frog has an adorable mechanical leg

  1. Morgan19

    I’ve had a couple of the second-gen KK action figure torsos sitting around, intending to build them into a spaceship or something. This froggy is brilliant in both its simplicity and parts usage. Well done. :)

  2. jaller of doom

    1.frog is cute :)
    2.frog pieces is from kindom knights and(i guess)bionicle? :D
    3.and nice job ;)

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