Lino shows his age

As part of LUGNuts“Show your age” contest, Lino Martins rolls out yet another jaw-dropping tribute to the open road.

Lino’s 1971 Cadillac Eldorado:

Sweet ride, Lino!

11 comments on “Lino shows his age

  1. Von Goyle

    eh hA HA HA hA ha ha he heh… whew. Oh man is that sweet. Never before has an automobile build had me calling my friends. Guys who don’t even care about bricks absolutely love this. Great job man!

  2. Mark Kelso

    The car is fantastic to begin with, but those megafigs put it over the top! Brilliant!!

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  4. Dez

    Steps in the MOC viewing pattern.
    1. See it.
    2. Decide to blog it.
    3. Check to see if TBB has blogged it yet (I live to see the “Via YSAB” comments on posts)

  5. Bunbrick

    Tall, dark and handsome. Awwwww yeah!

    Lovely ‘customization’ of an already well-built car; a pair of boo… errr… figures you’ll love to get your hands on; and if that still doesn’t convince you this is a great build-combo, read his funny underscore over at Flickr to finally get a well-deserved kick out of the whole thing… …under your phat azz that is, for not liking it immediately, foo.

    I dig it, homie!! Umm…I mean Lino.
    *coughs apologetically and decides it’s probably best not to rent Shaft after all*

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