9 comments on “Juggernaut Fortress microship

  1. Bunbrick


    That was at the previous comment, NOT this very nice microship. Good design, extensive detailing (not too much, not too little), and I even notice some custom battle-scars here and there. Two thumbs up!

  2. Ramone

    Great work, love the armor plating and 1 for making it brown. Love the engines too. Nicely done!

  3. The Anonymous Collective

    The least you could do is get the man’s name right, you pretentious tool.

  4. Josh

    @Anonymous Collective – Thank you for pointing out the possible spelling error. Jerac uses different spellings in different places. His brickshelf gallery says “Jerrac”, but his username on BL is Jerac. Personally, I don’t know the “correct” one, but will leave it up to Nannan since he knows him better than I do.

    However, I do find it amusing that you have a typo in your comment. Unless you really meant to call Nannan a “tool”. Yeah, I’m sure you did.

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