Juggernaut Fortress microship

Jerak uses brown in his most recent creation to construct a heavily armed micro spaceship called the Juggernaut Fortress, based off the Clairconctlar Pinnacle. It is worth checking out the bottom of the ship, equally full of details as the top and in my opinion wouldn’t look so awkward to be cruising upside down.

9 comments on “Juggernaut Fortress microship

  1. Bunbrick


    That was at the previous comment, NOT this very nice microship. Good design, extensive detailing (not too much, not too little), and I even notice some custom battle-scars here and there. Two thumbs up!

  2. Ramone

    Great work, love the armor plating and 1 for making it brown. Love the engines too. Nicely done!

  3. The Anonymous Collective

    The least you could do is get the man’s name right, you pretentious tool.

  4. Josh

    @Anonymous Collective – Thank you for pointing out the possible spelling error. Jerac uses different spellings in different places. His brickshelf gallery says “Jerrac”, but his username on BL is Jerac. Personally, I don’t know the “correct” one, but will leave it up to Nannan since he knows him better than I do.

    However, I do find it amusing that you have a typo in your comment. Unless you really meant to call Nannan a “tool”. Yeah, I’m sure you did.

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