Brickbuilt Wall-E by Joe Meno

Joe Meno, editor of BrickJournal magazine, built the first well-done model of Pixar’s adorable little robot Wall-E. The creation features moving parts including the neck and arms and rolling treads and took three months to plan.

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  1. JimmytheJ

    I can’t wait till wall-e comes out, there’s a ton of other robots in there to build when it does ^_^

    I’ve made minifig-scale wall-e, and one day will upload Gar-e and wend-e at some point…

  2. Scott

    That is awesome. Is there any way he could publish his plans. I would love to make one for my desk at work.

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  5. Joe Meno

    Hi all!

    Thanks for the comments – I wasn’t planning on instructs, but my publisher saw it and he wants an article! I will work on some instructs in the next month.

    And yes, Wall-E is going to be at Brickworld – he’s being shipped there! Didn’t like the idea of TSA taking it apart…

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  10. Chris Diesta

    My 2 year old LOVES WALL-E and LEGOS and went absolutely nuts over your model…please include me in the instructions listings…thanks!!! The model is amazing!!!

  11. Gerard

    Hi Joe

    Awesome work, why don’t you publish the instruction in the BrickJournal, you would definetly boost the sales of that issue and make my 6 year old happy , we love your magazine.

  12. Siusze

    HI Joe,

    Your Lego Wall-E is awesome!! I wanted to build one since I watched the movie last week…please post instruction..thanks so much!!!

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  14. Marco

    What is this a pleasure to see! WOW!

    I like to have the instructions also because my son is absolutely wild about Wall-E! So mail me if you have some :-)

    Excellent job!

  15. Wendy

    This is great. Will you please share instruction so I can built one for my kid…and myself :)

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