LEGO Star Wars 10188 Death Star pics reveal interior and 21+ minifigs [News]

UPDATE: 10188 Death Staricon is now available for preorder from the LEGO Shop.

The intrepid Eurobrickers who comb the image cache for new files have found photos of the upcoming LEGO Star Wars set 10188 Death Star.

The box art:

At least twenty-one (21!) minifigs:

The set even comes with a small TIE Advanced fighter (aka “Darth Vader’s TIE fighter”):

Check out Eurobricks or reader Will’s photoset for a couple more pics.

74 comments on “LEGO Star Wars 10188 Death Star pics reveal interior and 21+ minifigs [News]

  1. Mike Psiaki

    I think there are more than 21 minifigs. If you look at the top of the box (and in some of the other pictures) it looks like you get 2 storm troopers (as well as luke and han) and two of those black trooper fellows.

  2. SamuraiMoose

    Wow; if this price is reasonable (hahahha), I am def. picking this up!

    Thought 21 minifigs is a guaranteed $150 set

  3. wusmand

    Hell, I don’t care if its $300, I’m getting it! Although someone on eurobricks said $400, somtimes ya never know.

  4. David

    I like how they call it a playset, about 5 people might play with it, none children. It’s a $300 set.

    And I don’t consider some of the driods minifigures, the stick one is not a minifigure. :)

  5. Fred

    “Why would a set half the size of the Huge death star be the same price?”

    figs. they know they’ve got you

  6. Brad

    Frak me! That said, I’m not all that excited about it right now. I have most of those figs. I think I’d build it once, admire the figs, then take it apart and put the figs into a bin. It is nice to see the chrome lightsabers again, though! Also, that TIE model could be its own set: I’d happily pay 10 or 15 bucks for that one. Even though I’m not excited for it, I reserve the right to change my mind.

    And there is NO way this set is going for $150.00. I’ll bet my life on it now.

  7. legovaughan

    I remember that one too. I think it’s great that TLG are drawing inspiration from their fans – the quality of the sets can only get better and better if this is anything to go by.

  8. JimmytheJ

    wow. Wasn’t this one of the things I suggested to that thingy? I think it was!

    Yay, I’m gonna need to save up like no tomorrow, but it’s so cool I don’t think I care.

  9. Ramone

    Crap! Eurobricks removed the photos:

    “Edit by Hinckley: pics removed by request of TLG. ”

    Quick, right click everybody! Save to desktop!!!

  10. wusmand

    Is this what we all wanted back when the ambassador asked us what set we wanted for like the offical collecter set, I can’t quite remember

  11. David

    Someone on Eurobricks said that it will cost $400 and have 3803 pieces. That sure isn’t half of anything, that is huge.

  12. Aridar

    Beautiful set. You can count the number of figures on the top of the box. I counted 26, but I may have miscounted.

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  14. Jai

    HO-lee freakin’ CRAP!

    I have to admit, I don’t know why there are royal guards and the Emperor and IG-88… but I don’t really care. I guess it’s so the thing can double as a playset for the second Death Star as well? In which case, the inclusion of IG-88 makes me love someone over at LEGO. Still technically “wrong”, but the spirit of the thing is what counts.

    What an amazing set. I’m already afraid of what the cost will be.

  15. JP

    Nice set. I bet this gets underneath the skin of a few people who bought 10179 thinking the figs would be unique.

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  19. Riley Hunter

    Just in case anyone is interested, the Lego Shop at Home website has a page up for this set.

    Release date of September 16, 2008. 25 mini-figs, 3803 pieces and set price of $399.


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  21. knight

    well, very nice set by my side. a lot of minifigs (24) and more than 3800 pieces, a price is 399 USD. or about 260 eur. the date in USA will be on 16 september this year. for europe is not known yet. if the set will come in EU… does anybody knows if the set will be in europe.

  22. Alexander

    That set is amazing! I can’t tell if its bigger than the other death star. Why are there three Lukes? I think there should be a boba fett. Why is it more than the other death star if it is smaller?


  23. Hawkeye

    Hmmm, now here’s hoping the Lego store at Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney will get this … HELLO DISCOUNT!

    Actually, considering the massive tie in between Disney and Star Wars, and all the Star Wars Legos for sale on property, I bet it will be there. Again … HELLO DISCOUNT! :-p Anywhere from 20% to 40% depending on where its at.

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  25. prince guy

    oh well its still cool…but why are han solo’s pants brown?! evryone knows he wore blue in the movie

    dont agree with me-(charging up laser cannon)-then die!

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  27. joe dudiuo

    i agree…han solo’s legs were blue in sw-ep4-anh

    *please…dont kill me prince guy* :(
    ANOTHER THING! what the @#$%!? is ig-88 doin there??!! whatever im still gonna buy it! (cause its cool!)

  28. TheDeathStarStaff

    They should have add more imperial minifigs such as General Tagge or Admiral Motti.
    The dianoga looks nice!

  29. Andrew Post author

    @Beaker719: Appreciate the update, but we posted about that on June 19. :-) For all of your coming here from search engines, I’ve added a link to the top of this post.

  30. Alldarker

    @Andrew: I think what Beaker719 probably means is that the 10188 Death Star is now also available for pre-order for the European and Australian Lego Shop@Home sites (which it wasn’t on June 19th)… But he could have used a few more words…

  31. Bill the builder

    The set is way overpriced.
    400 dollars!?!?!

    I just never buy their sets at full price. wait till the set is a year or so older, and buy them from retailers that are desperate to move the old stock and inventory from their shelves.

    for 400.00 bucks, you can go get a Playstation 3, that plays Bluray, plays games, gets you on the internet, and you can browse the web, play online movies, music, photos…

    I just follow the golden rule, never pay full price for their products.

  32. Lego Legend.

    This set is surprisingly $629 And yes it comes with 25 Minifigs
    2 Imperial Guards, 2 Clone Troopers and 2 Death Star Troopers, and so on…..

  33. gruntos

    This debuted at £199 ($400) here in the UK, then after a couple of days avaiable for preorder went up to £275 ($550)! not a good start…

  34. Andrew Post author

    @gruntos: Others have noticed that as well, so LEGO Ambassadors asked LEGO about it, and here’s the gist of what they said:

    Unfortunately, LEGO made a mistake when they put 10188 up on the UK LEGO Shop site. The set was originally designed as a £199 set. However, LEGO worked with LucasFilm, and based on LucasFilm’s input, added enough to the set so that they needed to increase the price.

    After the LucasFilm redesign, the planned release price was £275, but this fact was not reflected at first in the UK price on For better or for worse, £275 is the correct price — £199 was a mistake.

    (The difference between US and UK prices is a whole separate issue…)

  35. gruntos

    Yes, I thought it was a little too good to be true based on a “brick for brick” or rather “Stars Wars brick for Star Wars brick” basis when I compared it with other sets in the line.
    this was the reply I got from them:

    Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding the price increase of the Death Star, set 10188.

    This price increase reflects a decision made by the Shop@Home Team and is in line with other retailers.

    We appreciate that this is a significant increase and understand the frustration and disappointment that will be felt by all Star Wars fans.

    The Death Star is still a fantastic LEGO set which will enable fans to recreate the action and adventure from the Star Wars movies. Along with 24 mini figures and movie replicas of the Superlaser Control Room, Imperial Conference Chamber and the Tie Advance Hanger Bay, this is a truly magnificent set!

    I just wondered, who the other retailers are, when its a lego shop at home exclusive? I suppose the Lucasarts franchise rights are notoriously high, I suppose, and pity poor Germany who have to pay £317 for the same set.

  36. 7892

    I thought it was 500$ OMG!

    But I still think it is sweet!!!

    Its coming september 16 witch is not too far away and i can save up for it

    I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!! =p =0

  37. carel

    hey people!! why would you buy this death star and the mini figs when you can buy the lego mtt troop carrier or the lego gunship, like people im trying to make a point the mtt and gunship costs way
    less or other sets, and the mini figs in the death star set, you could just buy the lego battle packs!!! like i think that this set maybe smaller than it seems and the tie fighter is one of the mini sets that come from the dollor store.

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  40. Damon Poole

    I think their idea is great, but they should make a smaller and less expensive version. It would fly (ha,ha) off the shelves! I made a small portable version of it and my son loves it! Parts for this one are easily under $50 and you can run around with it which is something you can’t do with the big one. By the way, the big one probably really is worth the $400. It is bigger than it looks in the pictures. But $400 is just too big of an investment. See my version here: .

  41. Paul Weston

    Yes, an awesome set, but too rich for my blood. They want $500 cdn for it up here in Canada.

    Starting a year or two ago, I began collecting megabloks aircraft carriers, and have been using them to build my own gargantuan death star set. Although maybe not quite as perfectly round or as accurate on the outside as it could be, it hinges open and stacks up and thus creates a dozen or so individual playsets when all taken apart. Inside are many cool features from the movies, many of which ended up in this new LEGO model they are now selling. Guess I had ESP or something…

    Anyhow, come see the many pics I have of my death star at: Thanks!

  42. colin

    Does this hing even have a cover to make it look like the Death star?And gabriel raises a good piontabout Luke’s hair.I just found out ihave the(hopefully) 150 buks to buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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