Tell Gizmodo’s Jesus Diaz what you want to ask The LEGO Company

Gizmodo contributor Jesus Diaz is spending the day at LEGO headquarters in Billund, Denmark tomorrow, and wants to know what sort of questions you’d like him to ask the good people of LEGO, including designers for the MINDSTORMS, Creator, and LEGO Star Wars themes.

Head on over to Gizmodo and leave a comment for Jesus, send him an e-mail, or post your questions here and I’ll pass them along to him.

Have fun, Jesus!!! :-D

7 comments on “Tell Gizmodo’s Jesus Diaz what you want to ask The LEGO Company

  1. Bob Dolphin

    Has the Lego Company ever considered making Star Wars sets from the video game Empire at War and the expansion Forces of Corruption?

  2. Rollen

    Has the Lego Company considered making forestry, parkland, or wilderness piece sets?

    Could there be more sets in a rural setting (farms and farm equipment)? Or more sets with “green” or environmental themes? (It’s not that I don’t love the big trucks… but a bike shop to go up the lane from the Market Corner would be really cool, or an urban wind turbine apparatus would be neat to see.)

  3. Brian

    a) Why aren’t there music or art specific props for minifigs? The city line focuses primarily on practical professions yet many creative kids aspire to be painters, rock stars, writers, etc. Is there any chance we’ll see guitars, paint brushes, typewriters etc?

    b) Since petroleum/oil is becoming more scarce and more expensive a commodity, is Lego experimenting with other substances to make their toys from?

  4. Dave

    Ask if they’ll consider making mini-figs from the Lego Star Wars video games. Like make them in a big set like the “community workers” only with Lego Star Wars mini-figs from the video games. That’d be cool, That’d sell.

  5. Rocko

    Please ask Lego to never ever ever make any sets based on video games. We can’t let them win.

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