Holy Crap!

Sly Owl has turned out some very unusual creations, but the latest is in a league of its own.

Its simply called Dung Mall.

15 comments on “Holy Crap!

  1. Steven

    Hah, I got a good chuckle out of this. A poop monster attacking poor, innocent citizens. Priceless. I wish this was on Flickr so I could fave it.

  2. Doctor Sinister

    Hmmm…I enlarged the picture and the smell of wafting poo drifted through the air and into my nostrils.

    “Wow, that’s good” I thought, “it’s so realistic I can even smell the dung!”

    And then I realised my son’s nappy needed changing.


    Dr. S.

  3. matt

    this is pretty funny. the best part is that the local firefighters seem to want to spray the poo monster with a water hose. what’s that going to accomplish!?

  4. Keith G

    That fountain is freaking brilliant. i will steal that shamelessly at some point.

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