The rainbow hues of Neo-Classic Space

I always wanted a green Classic Space minifig. Peter Reid seems to have felt the same, so he’s made a number of custom minifigs in alternative colors:

Of course, Pete’s been busy building his usual, fantastic New-Classic Space vehicles as well:


12 comments on “The rainbow hues of Neo-Classic Space

  1. DekoPuma

    Cool diorama, great use of the industrial barrels.

    The latter ships look like pretty good renditions of the 40K Space Marine Land Speeders.

  2. Stephan

    WOW, those “classic” space vehicles look offley lot like Space Marine land speeders. Is there a revolution going on in LEGO land of copying Warhammer???

  3. Brian

    The fleshy faces in the Classic Space outfits (even if they are custom colors) are freaking me out, for some reason.

  4. Morgan19

    I keep meaning to look up those clear visors, and this scene finally reminded me to. Looks like they weren’t actually made in any set, though, and currently aren’t for sale on BL– are the clear ones special pieces like the red Vader helmet?


  5. Andrew Post author

    @Morgan19: Yes, the trans-clear visors are non-production parts that never appeared in any sets (like the red Vader helmet). Fortunately, when I bought mine, they were “only” about $0.80 each on BrickLink, plus shipping from Germany.

  6. Jon

    Hey, on a related note: that has to be the very first african/black space marine I have ever seen.

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