13 comments on “Ant attack scene from Indiana Jones

  1. smcginnis

    Awesome! I had no idea LEGO was making ants now (then again, they are rather new). Although I haven’t seen the movie (and probably won’t), this looks really well done to me.


  2. obxcrew

    I wouldn’t say it was digusting; rather, disturbing. ;)

    Anyway, this is an awesome representation of a fantastic scene!

  3. thwaak

    Most disgusting scene? Does no one remember the face melting, exploding heads from Raiders? :)

  4. Ramone

    I think the heart ripping scene qualifies as most squirm-inducing. The ants were a definate highlight though! Nice work!

  5. Ramone

    …heart ripping as in “Temple of Doom.” Didn’t want to make is sound like there was a similar scene in I4.

  6. Tigrou

    However the movie is not as great as previous Indiana Jones (I think there is some “Indiana Jones spirit” missing), this work is good !

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