Nomination Bio: Adrian Florea

This is the third of five posts today about the 2008 LEGO Ambassadors nomination process.

In order to keep you better informed, we at The Brothers Brick will be bringing you brief biographies of the possible nominees for the Lego Ambassador representing our community. We will posting these as we receive the necessary information. The order is irrelevant. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Regardless of who is eventually chosen, the nominees will have to submit at least three testimonials from members of their community. In case you have forgotten, this means you! If you wish to write a testimonial regarding one of the possible nominees, please do so, as a comment, in the post under their name. Thank you for your support!

Possible Nominee: Adrian Florea

Adrian is a twenty year old AFOL from Romania. He is a student in industrial design, and is very interested in joining the LEGO Ambassador program.

Adrian has been MOC-ing for two years now and has had LEGO since his 4th birthday but it was never a serious hobby until now. He started being active on different internet based communities for the last two years. He started out with MOCpages, FBTB, Flickr, Classic Space, and Builder’s Lounge. Just recently, for the purpose of expanding his building abilities, Adrian has joined Classic-Castle. His username, in the internet community, is “Olog”. He is still active on all of these forums. He has placed well in many contests, and plans on competing in as many future contests as he can. He has been contacted by Jan Beyer and Mel from Brickjournal. Recently, he also had an interview in a Brazilian Design and Art magazine called “Zupi”, inquiring about his MOCs.

He is also one of the very few AFOLs in Romania, and the only one that is active on an international level. For the last five months, he has tried to contact AFOLs from Romania in the hope that they can form a community, just like any LUG in every country. He has set up a forum, which has fourteen members at this time.

(Bio information via Flickr)

2 comments on “Nomination Bio: Adrian Florea

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  2. Demeter Norbi

    What more can I say except what’s already been said. We all know what kind of builder Adrian is, we know that his latest works have all been featured on TBB, we know that he wins contests in a row, His techiques are damn-good, his mocs amaze, he’s liked by all. As someone who personally knows him(what a coincidence that Romania’s two main MOC-ers live in the same city, whoopie) I can say that he’s a very nice guy to have for a friend, I always like to hang out with him, he’s artistic in a cool way. On the “professional” side i’d like to add that he’s the first internationally recognized MOC-er in Romania, trying hard to build a LUG community in this country, and he’s serious about becoming an Ambassador, he’s not in it just for the pussy ;) .
    I hope you make it Adrian, ’cause you deserve it.

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