Nomination Bio: Nathan Proudlove

This is the fourth of five posts today about the 2008 LEGO Ambassadors nomination process.

In order to keep you better informed, we at The Brothers Brick will be bringing you brief biographies of the possible nominees for the Lego Ambassador representing our community. We will posting these as we receive the necessary information. The order is irrelevant. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Regardless of who is eventually chosen, the nominees will have to submit at least three testimonials from members of their community. In case you have forgotten, this means you! If you wish to write a testimonial regarding one of the possible nominees, please do so, as a comment, in the post under their name. Thank you for your support!

Possible Nominee: Nathan Proudlove

You may remember Nathan from such MOCs as the Blacktron II, the Mystery Machine, and the Mistral to name a few. Nathan’s been involved online since late ’03 when he discovered Lugnet and became much more involved after Brickfest PDX ’04. He was a member of the Vancouver Lego Club when he lived out west, started the Fraser Valley Lego Club with fellow Abbotsfordian Robin Sather, and hopes to start a club in Manitoba eventually. Most recently, Lino Martins and Nathan have founded LUGNuts, a Lego car club, on Flickr.

Nathan is 32 years old and lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with his wife, Kathy and rambunctious 2-year old boy, Oscar.

(Bio information via Flickr.)

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