Nomination Bio: Tim Gould

This is the second of five posts today about the 2008 LEGO Ambassadors nomination process.

In order to keep you better informed, we at The Brothers Brick will be bringing you brief biographies of the possible nominees for the Lego Ambassador representing our community. We will posting these as we receive the necessary information. The order is irrelevant. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Regardless of who is eventually chosen, the nominees will have to submit at least three testimonials from members of their community. In case you have forgotten, this means you! If you wish to write a testimonial regarding one of the possible nominees, please do so, as a comment, in the post under their name. Thank you for your support!

Possible Nominee: Tim Gould

Tim keeps himself very busy with LEGO by both building and building community. His physical address is Brisbane (in Australia) and his physical age is 31 but his far more extensive online LEGO life is spread between sites like Stajinara, Flickr, Brothers-brick, LUGNET, LDraw and more.

Perhaps best known for his train creations, Tim was asked to participate in the Hobby Train set (10183) as well as various other NDA requiring projects. He also builds extensively in many other
themes (so much so that some people think he’s a spacer) and has a strange love for Soviet design. He also supplements his real bricks with virtual bricks and works on the LDraw SteerCo.

He also enjoys studying and highlighting models he thinks are cool and enjoys Brothers Brick as a great place to share this vainly with the world. Clever construction techniques are a particular highlight.

While living a life of exile from his homeland, Tim attended various Brickish events and the 2007 1000steine land in Berlin. He also participates in the local Brisbane LEGO community.

4 comments on “Nomination Bio: Tim Gould

  1. Andrew

    Tim Gould’s contributions to the worldwide LEGO fan community are incalculable. Tim’s talent as a builder spans both virtual bricks and the real deal, ranging from fantastical cave racers (for good or ill, he started it all) to realistic cars and trains.

    Tim’s building skills aren’t limited to our favorite plastic bricks. Tim builds community wherever he goes, whether through his online activities (LDRAW Steering Committee, The Brothers Brick contributor, Flickr gadfly, and more) or in person (both in the UK and in Australia). An excellent communicator, Tim’s notorious wit only adds to his charm.

    I feel lucky to have someone of Tim’s caliber as a contributor to The Brothers Brick, and I fully support his nomination as a LEGO Ambassador representing our readership community.

  2. DARKspawn

    Tim is an active member of the adult fan community both in person and online. He is one of the handful of Australians that are active in the broader online community and yet also participates in local LEGO community activities. Tim is an very imaginative and talented builder whose tastes span a variety of LEGO themes. He is also an extremely capable proponent LEGO digital design. Tim is a member of LUGnet, Classic Castle, Builders Lounge and the Flickr communities (amongst others) where he is an actively positive influence, contributing ideas, critique and encouraging others to build. Tim is a regular contributor to popular The Brothers Brick web-blog showcasing a variety of creations from across the community, most especially the finest examples of trains and digitally designed creations. Tim is a popular member of the community both on a local and global level and would make an excellent choice as LEGO Ambassador.

    Aaron Andrews

  3. Josh Post author

    Tim’s leadership on Flickr, LDraw, and in the train community make him an obvious choice for Lego Ambassador. His contributions on the Brothers Brick are always top of the line. He was involved in the Hobby Train set, which shows that he knows what the Lego fan community wants. Tim is member of many different fan sites and already keeps his finger on the pulse of the community. I believe these are all excellent qualifications for a Ambassador to have. I think Tim would make an exceptional Ambassador.

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