Bandwagon mayhem

Adrian Florea (Olog) mashed together some of the curretly hot bandwagon themes into an action-packed diorama. Without scrolling down to the answers, what themes do you recognize?

Answers: cave racers, black fantasy, frogspace, post apoc, and fabuland

8 comments on “Bandwagon mayhem

  1. Dace

    I got them all!
    *shakes fist*

    Although, I had no idea Apocalego was only a bandwagon…

  2. Andrew

    Those are all excellent creations in their own right, but putting them all together like that is just hilarious. I thought the multi-themed cave racers were cool, but a quadruple homage/parody diorama like this just blows everything else away.

  3. Olog

    My intention is not to mock any of these “bandwagons” in a negative way. Most I think are way cool, like post apoc, cave racers and black fantasy, others are just silly and amuse me whenever I see them in my contacts photos. I never got the time to build anything in these themes.. so I tried to come up with something that would solve this problem. This MOC has nothing to do with negativism, if it were so, I wouldn’t have put so much effort in the whole scene, and the MOCs themselves.

    well, just trying to explain, in case anyone got offended, which would be ridiculous.

    Thank you for the positive feedback, everyone.

  4. Nathan Proudlove

    This is great. Probably my favourite diorama ever. I totally wish I had thought of it.

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