You are a community

Yes, you, readers of The Brothers Brick!

Over the years, our readership has grown from a handful of dedicated readers to tens of thousands of you out there on the Web. Many of you are active in other LEGO communities, both online and “in real life,” but a vast majority of you probably don’t know what a “MOC” (My Own Creation) or an “AFOL” (Adult Fan of LEGO) is.

And we’re cool with that. We love the fact that you find what we do interesting enough to subscribe to our feed, leave lots of comments, link to us, send us suggestions, and even support what we do by buying LEGO.

As a LEGO Ambassador over the last year, I hope you feel that I’ve represented you well, passing along news from LEGO and sending LEGO your feedback and suggestions.

As we move into the 2008-2009 LEGO Ambassadors cycle, I’m happy to accept Nelson’s nomination in the original announcement about this new process.

However, I’d like to open things up to all of you to make suggestions about who you think should represent The Brothers Brick (as an online “AFOL Community Group”) in the next cycle of the LEGO Ambassadors program.

So far, here are the people who’ve been nominated here on The Brothers Brick:

Here’s how this is going to work:

  1. Between now and May 10 at 9:00 PM Pacific Time, please add your suggestions for people who you would like to see nominated as a comment on this post.
  2. On May 10, I’ll tabulate all of the nominations, and all of you can vote on who you want to see represent The Brothers Brick.
  3. If necessary, we’ll have a “runoff election” to narrow the nominations to three people.
  4. On May 24, once the people have spoken (that’s you!), we’ll submit our three nominations to LEGO.
  5. So, without further ado, let the nomination discussion begin!

30 comments on “You are a community

  1. Andrew Post author

    I’ll go first. :-)

    I’d like to nominate Tim Gould, who has been an active contributor here on The Brothers Brick over the past year. Beyond Tim is a pillar of the community among virtual LEGO builders and has also contributed to the design of the 10183 Hobby Train set.

    We’re lucky to have Tim as a contributor, and I think he’d make an excellent Ambassador.

  2. hamilton

    i require more than a single vote….
    And as they are based in very geographic
    Andrew “Dunechaser” Becraft
    Tim “Gambort” Gould
    would be my first two representatives of choice.
    Not to say that your other listed Brothers Brick contributors are any lesser suited to the role.
    But these guys are on the top of my list.

  3. Von Goyle

    Nannan has inspired me to build again after not having done so since the early nineties. I happened upon this site by accident back when his first posts were hitting and I’ve been checking back at least twice a day since.

  4. ExoBuilder

    I’d like to nominate Andrew Becraft. You’re the exact representation of what I think a good Lego Ambassador. You keep us ( The community ) up to date with all the lates Lego news, you frequently make new Lego creations. It doesn’t matter if they’re big or small, you still impress me all the time with your newest updates. You seem like the kind of guy I could go to when asking any kind of Lego question, that’s what a good ambassador is, someone who has a good share of knowledge about that brick.
    I’d like to see you continuing to be an Ambassador, you surely get my vote Andrew.

  5. "Big Daddy" Nelson

    As I originally posted, I will give my nominations again here. And… as groups are allowed to select 3 members as nominees, here are my choices for TBB:

    Andrew Becraft – The LEGO Blogger Extraordinaire. For TBB followers, this is a no-brainer. As a current LEGO Ambassador, I can attest to the fact that Andrew is the voice of the LEGO fan audience of the internet mainstream. TBB is the brainchild of this ‘dunechaser’, and while the brick-made desert ahead is far and wide, I know that Andrew will guide us dutifully across the online landscape as our chosen LA.

    I also second the nominations for:

    Nannan Zhang – Yes, the ‘Black Fantasy’ man himself. IMHO, Nannan is the best surreallist LEGO builder there is – bar none. His work on TBB has been a blessing to the site, and his activity on various forums, such as CSF and the Builders Lounge has been great. Nannan is a testament that fans with a heavy, real-life workload can still be both productive and original with LEGO. I think that his direct opinions would be invaluable to The LEGO Group, in the capacity as an Ambassador.

    Tim Gould – Although he can sometimes be perceived as an arse sometimes, Tim is bloody good LEGO builder, and his virtual MOCs put many a brick builder to shame. If Oz has some LAs to represent itself in the next go, Tim certainly deserves a chance to be among the selected. His involvement in LEGO train projects have resulted in some fine designs as well. For me, Tim’s efforts at TBB has earned my respect, and I support him fully.

    Please join me in supporting these 3 ‘Brothers’ as nominees for the LEGO Ambassador program.

    “Big Daddy” Nelson
    LEGO Ambassador

  6. Demeter Norbi

    Hello there.
    As I’ve read through your comments, it’s pretty obvious that you’ve summed up all the good candidates for LEGO-ambassador. I agree with you all, they are all truly justified to be there.
    But I also have another excellent candidate in line that is well suited for the role: Adrian Florea has been an invaluable addition to the LEGO community, always showing new techiques and every time surpising us with something amazing. His skills as a builder are unqestionable, his “relationship” with the brick is more than the most of us have, knowing every kinky technique of putting them together.
    In my book he is one of the top 3 builders of the community, he is a strong candidate for the title.
    So here is my nominee: Adrian Florea

  7. Kowabunga

    – Andrew…. with improvement, okay…
    The LEGO Ambassadors should be people who report to the Lego company and then report back to the AFOL community, and to the people who visit brother-brick. The Lego company should reduce its product themes so that it can spend the money on bringing back quality and emphasized details such as printed tiles and bricks..etc, the stickers are cheap, they do not last, over time they peel on the corners after being used to rebuild objects. Has anyone of the current brothers-bricks Ambassadors told the Lego company that There have been complaints about stickers. If the Lego ambassadors are informing the Lego company about their AFOL customer comments and complaints; why has there not been any feedback about this ‘sticker’ issue from the Lego group to the Lego ambassadors, and then to US, the brother-brick AFOL readers?
    Andrew, what has been the reply from Lego about the stickers? Did you tell them? There should be a future posting on brothers-brick for all to see in regards to the sticker issue.

  8. bruce

    Hey all,

    I would second Nelson’s list of Andrew, Tim and Nannan. I’d add Josh, but he has stated on CC that he is not interested at this time.


    The Ambassadors can speak to this much better than I, but my understanding is that they are often under non-disclosure agreements with LEGO. I’ve always felt they were more our voice to LEGO rather than LEGO’s voice back to us. Steve Witt and others have the role of talking to us.


  9. Andrew Post author

    Thanks for the responses so far, everyone! Unique Name over on Flickr pointed out an error in my timeline, so I’ve extended all the dates quite a bit.

  10. Dan Sabath

    I’d second or third or whatever Andrew. He’s done a great job of keeping us informed of both great MOCs but also what’s happening in Lego.

  11. Norro

    Keith Goldman, Andrew “Dunechaser” (as long as he violates the secrecy stuff, and gives TBB plenty of info ; ) , and Josh Wedin…

    God Bless,


  12. Brendan Mauro

    Duney is way too solid to replace, he’s still my #1 pick.

    If I had to pick a second I’d probably say Gambort or Proudlove.

    I’d love to see Keith get elected but for all the wrong reasons. ;)

  13. Andrew Post author

    @Norro: Just to be clear, we do post newsworthy items that another site may “leak,” but neither I nor The Brothers Brick have ever been a source of any leak. I see your winking smiley, but I just want to make sure that we’ll never originate a leak.

  14. Lord_Of_The_LEGO

    “Nathan Wells has been nominated.”

    Ah, that’s nice….wait, what?

    Yeesh, I really should pay more attention to Andrew’s longer, wordy posts.

    Not that I can afford to right now. Stupid finals.

    I’ll pay attention in two weeks.

  15. Norro

    @Andrew, don’t worry I’ve been around long enough to know what a kill joy you are ; ) : ) …

    God Bless,


  16. Andrew Post author

    The nomination process for the 2008-2009 LEGO Ambassadors program has now concluded.

    I’ll leave this post open for future comments, but we are no longer taking nominations.

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