Ride the Helix

Ed Diment presents the round, proud and crazy Helios. I’ll use Ed’s words here “The Helions use spacecraft that resemble the Sun (theyr’e not very original like that!). This the Helios class scouting vessel, the fact that one of these has been sighted over earth can only mean an invasion of other Helions. Beware! “. Deep, man!

Ed Diment's Helios

3 comments on “Ride the Helix

  1. Keith G

    Thanks for making my eyes bleed Ed, and also making me feel an urge to throw circular-saw blades at drug-cartel thugs.

  2. Kenneth

    Keith, play Dead Rising.

    You can do just that.

    On topic: You’ve inspired me to go in the same league and build something like that.

  3. Ed Diment

    Thanks Keith and Kenneth. Do you have a big problem with drug cartel thugs Keith or is this just your usual homicidal tendencies?

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