What set would you want for the 10th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars?

EDIT (2/4/08): Thanks for all your input, everyone! I’m compiling the list of your ideas and will be passing them along to LEGO shortly.

UPDATE (1/24/08): One quick point of clarification. As some of you may have already seen in posts from other Ambassadors elsewhere, the price range for this set will be 150 USD/euros.


2009 will be the 10th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars. To celebrate this anniversary, LEGO is considering the release of a special 10th-anniversary set, and they want to know what you’d like. LEGO has asked the Ambassadors to pass along the following four questions:

  1. What model do you recommend that LEGO Star Wars launches in October 2009 as celebration of LEGO Star Wars 10th anniversary?
  2. Should it be a model in minifigure scale or a big display model?
  3. Which key characters / minifigures should be included, if the model is minifigure scale?
  4. What key functions should be included?

Please leave your answers as comments on this post, and I’ll pass them along to LEGO. (If you’ve already responded to this question elsewhere, please refrain from providing duplicate answers here.)

As always, LEGO doesn’t make any promises about future sets, but the company does value fan input, so answer away!


Andrew Becraft
LEGO Ambassador

136 comments on “What set would you want for the 10th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars?

  1. timmmyt101

    PLEASE :)

    1) Display Model EXECUTOR(with Darth:)
    2) A complete collection of every STAR WARS minifig to date
    3) 5 or more podracers in a starting “set” and with each new one costing about $20


  2. Duo

    How about a Jawa Sandcrawler, totally to minifigure scale, that opens up so you can see the inside? Comes complete with a bunch of Jawas and droids, including Threepio and Artoo, and maybe even some Tusken Raiders to attack it.

  3. DutchRebel

    Thanx Andrew and LEGO for asking for our opinions.

    Tyderium (Imperial) Shuttle would be great, it’s used by the rebels as well as the empire.

    UCS style (like MF) with minifigs in Endor outfit.

  4. Ty

    Someone said Rancor, and that sound like a neat idea. They had one in the Lego Star Wars video game, but never in a set.
    And an Ewok Village would ROCK!

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  6. David

    My vote would be a playset based on something from A New Hope, which would be a great way to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of LEGO Star Wars (has it been that long?). In no particular order:

    1. Cantina set (Han & Greedo, Obi-Wan & Ponda Baba, the Cantina band, etc.)
    2. The Death Star escape (trash compactor, Princess Leia’s cell, the swashbuckling swing across the pit)
    3. The Lars family moisture farm (little huts, sunken down courtyard, blue milk!)

    Any of these would be great!

  7. bidzybaby2007

    After playing the COMPLETE SAGA video game this morning I noticed how cool those LEGO STAR WARS MOSAICS are within each level. Does anyone know what I mean?

    Mosaic R2D2, Mosaic Queen Amidala, Mosaic Jar Jar Binks, etc.

    My idea is to have an ultimate Lego Star Wars Mosaics. In which, Fans could build and frame their favourite characters.

    For a 150USD/euro retail price > Lego Group could launch a set with enough lego bricks to allow fans to build any character of their choice within a Lego baseplate frame.

    What better way to celebrate 10 years than hanging a lego mosaic picture in your home, Hooray

    Here’s an example of how the mosaic could work:


    Here is my own personal example 50 x 50 bricks in length and width


    THANKS Lego Group and everbody who has commented!

    May The Force Be With You All

    United Kingdom

  8. RedBishop

    The Rebel base on Hoth complete with the moutain side hangar doors and crumbling corridors, control centers with those big glass panel displays, the infirmary and the bacta tank where Luke gets after Solo recovers him from the storm. OOOOh and some Snow Troopers with the repeating heavy blaster of course! I think the should just build a snowy mountain of 1×1 studs and excavate to put all this inside :) and the collector’s edition Falcon should fit in the hangar of course… oh shoot you said 150$ not 1500! ah well!

  9. Garry

    My vote is for the Obi Wan vs Darth Vador lightsabre battle inside death star with Falcon, Luke, Han, Leia, Chewwy, droids and storm troopers.

  10. Bolivar

    For this 10th anniversary,I would like to see the famous battle on endor in front of the door of imperial base control with leila and han solo against the black imperial soldiers with the ewoks !

  11. Chrisc

    I’d like some set options such as:
    1) figurine sets – give us some character sets to go along with custom sets we have produced. Maybe a Star Wars 4 character set of good guys and another of imperial forces, another couple sets for Empire, etc.
    2) planet/scene sets – how about a bunch of sets like the cloud city, tantouine and others that we can use our existing vehicles and characters with?

  12. Juan Carlos

    1. The Naboo Royal Cruiser
    2. Geonosis Battle
    3. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, Ki-Adi Mundi, 20 Battle Droids, C-3PO, R2-D2, Padmé Amidala, Aayla Secura, Jango Fett, Boba Fett ,Count Dooku, 10 Super Battle Droids, 20 Geonosians, Shaak Ti and Luminara Unduli
    4. Fill your Separatist and Jedi Army and make the best Star Wars battle.

  13. Doug

    1. AT-AT with in-scale snowspeeder. Assorted snowtroopers, rebellion figures would be great additions.

    2. Holographic Chess set as played between Chewbacca and R2-D2 in episode 4 – So Sweet! Love models of things that can actually be used and it is so esoteric.

    3. C3-PO model as he appears in Episode 1

    4. Bounty hunter set with matching space ships.

  14. Matt

    1. Detention block on Death Star (command room, corridor, Leia’s Cell)

    2. Rancor Battle

    3. Carbon freeze chamber

    4. Emperor’s Room at Death Star II

    5. Massassi Temple

    6. Endor’s shield generator attack.

    7. Tusken Riders attack

    8. Alliance Briefing Room (Mon Calamari Cruiser)

    9. Alliance Command Center (Yavin IV)

  15. Bosstooned

    For the tenth anniversary i would indeed recommend one of the scenes which capture the ‘star wars feeling’ for the most fans.
    Though when you’re looking at the comments here it would become evident that the price range for this set is wrong, it’s too low for a real big set like a hangar or ucs, and too high to capture a single ship in minifig scale. Therefore i’d say don’t make a tenth anniversary set but make collection so that everyone can get his or her own ultimate Star Wars feeling.

  16. republic

    i have tones of ideas for 2009 star wars sets but some sets that i think would be great are
    1. at-ot(all terain open transport)
    2. endor shild bunker9 mini figur scale)
    3. Republic gun ship ( at-te transport)
    4. Mechanized Assault Flyer (MAF-episode 3)
    5. Gienosis battle ( 30 clones, 20 battle droids, 10 genosiens, count dooko and other mini figurs, and lots of vichles

  17. The_Vanquished

    I wish people would stop asking for gold C-3P0’s, just because you want one. They are worth around 100$, and would loose all value if mass produced in sets. It;s a bad idea.

    Now, I think the modular hanger idea isn’t a bad idea. make 4 or so sets (each corner, if its rectangular) and some of the wall, and they can all come together to make it. Let the fans decorate it with the vechicles of their choice. Not only is that a money saver when buying the set, but it also allows you to choose how you want yours to look.

    Only owning 2 or 3 Star Wars sets myself, if done correctly (some basic figs, not an army of lukes or anything, but generic pilots and workers) some accessories, it would definately be worth buying.

  18. Marcel

    How about a galactic senate set? You could have some senate pods and chancellor Palpatine’s office (w/ Palpatine, Palpy’s minions, Anakin, Mace Windu). Or maybe the Palpatine vs Yoda battle?

  19. Dunechaser Post author

    Thanks for your suggestion, Marcel. Unfortunately, the window for submitting suggestions has closed (as I alluded to in my update at the top of the original post). Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

    Just to prevent this type of confusion, I’m going to disable comments on this post for now. Please be sure to look for future opportunities to suggest ideas, and don’t hesitate to use the contact form on the blog to submit feedback to LEGO through the LEGO Ambassador program.

    Thanks for all your great ideas, everyone!

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