What set would you want for the 10th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars?

EDIT (2/4/08): Thanks for all your input, everyone! I’m compiling the list of your ideas and will be passing them along to LEGO shortly.

UPDATE (1/24/08): One quick point of clarification. As some of you may have already seen in posts from other Ambassadors elsewhere, the price range for this set will be 150 USD/euros.


2009 will be the 10th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars. To celebrate this anniversary, LEGO is considering the release of a special 10th-anniversary set, and they want to know what you’d like. LEGO has asked the Ambassadors to pass along the following four questions:

  1. What model do you recommend that LEGO Star Wars launches in October 2009 as celebration of LEGO Star Wars 10th anniversary?
  2. Should it be a model in minifigure scale or a big display model?
  3. Which key characters / minifigures should be included, if the model is minifigure scale?
  4. What key functions should be included?

Please leave your answers as comments on this post, and I’ll pass them along to LEGO. (If you’ve already responded to this question elsewhere, please refrain from providing duplicate answers here.)

As always, LEGO doesn’t make any promises about future sets, but the company does value fan input, so answer away!


Andrew Becraft
LEGO Ambassador

136 comments on “What set would you want for the 10th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars?

  1. Matthew

    Jedi temple ; minifig scale; plo koon, aayla secura , kit fisto , ki adi mundi, yoda ; opening rooms ; training room; council room.

  2. DekoPuma

    I would love to see a model of the surface of the death star from Episode IV. It would most likely be done in microscale and include features like the famous, trench and exhaust port, as well as the various turrets, and come with appropriately scaled X-wings, TIE fighters, and perhaps a few other craft as well.

    About the only other options for a special set would be a big display model of one of the capital ships, like the Super Star Destroyer. It seems like they’ve already down all of the smaller ships.

  3. Memory

    I don’t know about the subject material, but I think it should be minifig-scale, and non-operational. A special-edition model sort of a deal. I would recommend the X-Wing, but it’s been done so many times.

  4. Lukas

    I like DekoPuma’s idea:

    A diorama-style set in smaller-than-minifig scale of an X-wing followed by Tie Fighters and Vader’s Tie ship along the surface of the Death Star would be way cool. No features necessary other than spinning gun turrets.

  5. Motian

    I’m pretty psyched to see what amazing set will come outta this. My recommendation may be a bit pricey, bu I think a minifig-scale rebel hanger with a selection of redone ships would be awesome. Options include the Massassi temple base at Yavin, the Echo base hanger, or the hanger aboard the Mon Cal cruiser. It could be done in sorta the same way the anniversary town set was done, with a selection of seperate buildings acting as the walls of the hanger (done modularly). For each possible hanger, there is a broad selection of ships that could be included. The Yavin base could have a X-wing, a Y-wing, and possibly a prototype of an A-wing. The Hoth base could have a snowspeeder, a tauntaun, a transport, or an x-wing. The Mon Cal hanger could have a redone Imperial Shuttle (with landing crew), a B-wing, and an A-wing. Of course, all hangers could leave space for the UCS Falcon and should include groundcrew.

  6. john layman

    Less prequel stuff and more original trilogy, system scale toys, particularly things and figures we have not seen before. Wampas, Taun-Tauns, Admiral Ackbar, Death Star Playsets

  7. dave

    For the mini-fig lovers like myself, ‘ow bouts an Episode IV medal ceremony? A proper celebration model might include medal-bedecked Han and Luke, a Coronation Leia, R2 and 3PO looking all shiny and spiffed up for the big day… a diginitary or General, and a fine Rebel Trooper/Temple Guard for good measure. The model might just be the dais alone- nothing crazy. I like the suggested idea of a celebration and this set would be a nice display for collectors, as well as a manageable price point. Thanks for allowing us to input on this!

  8. curtis

    1. Virago (from Shadows of the Empire)
    2. Minifigure scale: Yes
    3. Included minifigures: Prince Xizor and Guri (Shadows of the Empire)
    4. Adjustable S-foils (wings), functioning double laser cannons, sliding cockpit.

    1. Outrider (from Shadows of the Empire)
    2. Minifigure scale: Yes
    3. Included minifigures: Dash Rendar and Leebo (Shadows of the Empire)
    4. Function escape pod, retractable entry ramp, hidden swoop bike.

    1. Moldy Crow (from Dark Forces)
    2. Minigure scale: Yes
    3. Included minifigures: Kyle Katarn, Jan Ors and Phase III Dark Trooper (from Dark Forces)
    4. Opening Canopy, landing gear.

  9. bidzybaby2007

    Dear Andrew Becraft,

    Ideas for Lego Star Wars 10th Anniversary (October 2009):

    01> Utilise Lego Mindstorms Technology to create a Lego R2D2 model. Not as large as a display model – a smaller version that can sit on Lego fan’s desks.

    02> I think it would be rude not to use Erik Varszegi’s inspiration to launch a “Venator Class Star Destroyer” model from Episode 3 ROTS. Minifigures included.

    03> I would love to see a Lego Set made up purely of Lego minifigures and characters from the movies. “A Complete Collection of Lego Star Wars minifigures from the Star Wars video games/movies. Every single character in one box. That would be a dream! OH YES!!!! Lego heaven!

    04> Tantive IV on a similar scale as the Republic Cruiser on a minifigure scale. I’m aware of the Ultimate Collector Series model. A Tantive IV that includes a minifigure crew. Oh eye!!!!

    05> Will you please launch a LEGO REBEL TRANSPORT!!! (the one which looks like a blimp from HOTH) That would be wicked!!! You could include General Carlist Rieekan as a minifigure.

    06> Not sure how this would work – but large scale LEGO LIGHTSABRE??? (…maybe not)

    07> The final scene from Episode IV with all the rebel troops aligned in that great hall. (When Princess Leia presenting the medals to our heroes) That would make a superb Lego set. Ofcourse, this set would include lots of minifigures.
    This would probably be a display model.

    08> Launch a set of Arc Troopers from the animated Clone Wars series.
    Along with the customised Arc Trooper Republic Gunship.

    09> Please launch the AAT again from Episode One with lots of battle droids and GUNGANS!!!!!!!!!!

    10> Launch a Lego set from Return Of The Jedi “BATTLE OF ENDOR” at the Field Generator Launch pad. Alternatively release an Admiral Ackbar minifigure including LEGO set HOME ONE. Or a Medical Frigate, woo hoo!!! (In my dreams)

    I have many more ideas
    Kindest Regards
    Many Thanks

    United Kingdom

  10. Epena

    Totally a Super Star Destroyer (Executor) in microscale. It would go so nice with my Imperial Start Destroyer.

  11. JC

    We definitely need something from the expanded universe, I mean, there are generations of new Jedi AFTER episode 6…. Or even better, sets focused on the Republic Commandos, I’ve always wanted a set based on them after playing the game. It would fit perfectly in with the new clone wars line as well!

  12. Merriweather

    I like the idea of dioramas a lot. Most of the best ships have or already been available. Death Star interior would be great. One of my favorite Star Wars Kenner sets when I was a kid (showing my age) was the death star which included a gunner, control room, security room and trash compactor. Absolutely must be at mini-fig scale!

  13. curtis

    1. Bounty Hunters Aboard the Executor (from Empire Strikes Back)
    2. Minifigure Scale: Yes
    3. Included minifigures: Dengar, Bossk, Boba Fett, IG-88, 4-LOM, Zuckuss
    4. Just something small, resembling the scene from the movie.

  14. Brent

    I mentioned this already to Nelson, but seriously, the entire Cantina scene in mini-fig scale. Imagine the cool mini-figs to be had, and c’mon, if they can put entire songs into a greeting card, how hard could it be to put the cantina song into a brick (like the LED bricks), and use power functions to make the band move.

  15. David

    I would really love to see a minifig scale tauntaun patrol set including:
    2 tauntauns
    Han in Hoth Garb
    Luke in Hoth rebel Garb with a faithful rendering of the head gear and scarf
    The snow beast
    Probe Droid

  16. Mainman

    I’d have to go with a minifig scale Imperial Shuttle done similar to the UCS Falcon with movable wings, extending ramp, and perhaps even extending landing gear if that’s feasible (probably not, I know).

    Some cool options on the minifig aspect of it: include both the rebel team from ROTJ and an Empire crew with the Emperor’s entourage -AND/OR- include the rebel crew in both flesh, plus in ‘throwback’ yellow minifigs for the anniversary. :)

  17. bidzybaby2007

    Hello again Supreme Ambassador for Lego Star Wars… Andrew Becraft,

    I have a list of vehicles of what I think Lego Star Wars fans are wishing for in 2009 Lego sets:

    01> Trade Federation Landing Ship
    02> Gungan Sub (again)
    03> Naboo Queen’s Royal Starship with Padme and Panaka minifig
    04> Everysingle Pod from the PODRACES (again, new and enhanced)
    05> Droid Control Ship
    06> AAT (Battle Tank) AGAIN
    07> The Naboo Speeders
    08> The Naboo Cruiser with Queen Amidala minifig!
    09> Re-release of Obi Wans Jedi Starfighter from Episode 2
    10> Jango Fetts Slave One (re-release)
    11> Trade Federation Core Ship
    12> Republic Assault Ship (Basically a Episode 2 Star Destroyer)
    13> Juggernaut/Clone Turbo Tank re-release [better design]
    14> Palpatines Shuttle from Episode 3
    15> Venator Star Destroyer
    16> Droid Gunship
    17> Dejarik Gameboard set (from the Millenium Falcon)
    18> Imperial Shuttle (Rebel Version) with Luke, Leia, Han, Chewy R2 and 3PO and ofcourse Rebels in combat gear, woo hoo! AVE IT!!!!!
    19> An ALL TERRAIN OPEN TRANSPORT (AT-OT) this set would be DIVINE! Please back me up Lego Fans!
    20> Mace Windo Jedi Starfighter (The Purple One) from Clone Wars

    ….This list can go on forever
    Please make use of this list Ambassador, your our only HOPE!!!!
    Kindest Regards
    May the Force Build With YOU

    United Kingdom

  18. Irreverenthope

    Expanded universe…expanded universe…expanded universe!!

    we have so many popular models from the movies, but there are so many alien races that have been ignored, The company would see a lot of sales just from team building collectors (and I think the evidence is clear from droid and trooper sets already availible)

    I love minifigs above all else so it’s my bias, but there is a lot of new and exciting ideas that can be harvested from books and games and cartoons and even characters that appear briefly in the movies

    if I had to pick just one, I think it’s time we see Admiral Akbar in the plastic…he’s such a good man…he deserves our love and admiration :)

    if I had to pick just two I would love to Jedi Council sets from across the timeline!

    oh man…fun

  19. Fred

    Death Star, Minifig scale. Include everyone on board in Episode IV while the Falcon was visiting. Throw in the Falcon and all the ships.

    That’ll keep me happy for another 10 years.

  20. David

    I’m still mad they had the newest A-Wing out for like 6 days and then it was gone. I never did get a chance to get it. It’s my favorite Star Wars ship.

    I want something in minifigure scale and from the Classic Star Wars line, no prequel crap. And not just another X-Wing or TIE Fighter, something new.

  21. Chris Bragg


    I definately like Matthew’s Jedi Temple idea with alien Jedi figs and the like, but I think small affordable starfigters with appropriate figs would be awesome.


  22. Will

    I agree with Nat above: a minifig-scale Bespin duel set in the freezing chamber or on the vane or both.

  23. Matt

    How about an X-Wing LEGO Prototype design? Something the designers created when they were designing the original LEGO x-wing set. i think it would be a unique and cool way to celebrate 10 years.

  24. Ean

    Mos Eisley Cantina Plz. Bith, Ponda Baba, Wuher, etc.

    I’d also like a Bounty Hunter set with minifigs based off LSWII.

  25. Georgezilla

    I also think that they should do an updated version of the Cloud Car set. Maybe some sort of Cloud City set that it could be in, like with a new Lando Calrissian figure and maybe Chewbacca figure with C-3PO strapped to his back, along with those little things that broke ‘3PO into parts.

  26. ThePants

    I REALLY like the idea of a Cantina set, But I also STRONGLY agree with the idea of a set of just minifigs from like the LEGO STAR WARS video games. Like that Community Workers set, only with Star Wars characters, not just like, Stormtroopers and what not, I mean OTHER figs, ones that HAVEN’T been made yet, Like the rebels from STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT and the different classes of Clone troopers from BattleFront 1 and maybe 2, like the different types of helmets and weapons and such, do you KNOW how much MONEY they’d make selling those???? TONS of people LOVE mini-figs, especially from movies like Star Wars. I’d buy like 2 or 3 of those sets, maybe more.

    The Biths, other Cantina characters, Akbar, Ki Adi Mundi, Shakk Ti, Ayla Sakura, OTHER clone troopers (not just the common white armor ones, or the same shape with just colored lines on them), Rebels, those unique Stormtroopers, Boss Nass, maybe the ghost Jedi (Anakin, Obi Wan, Yoda) with trans-blue parts, Jet Troopers for the
    Clones (green guys from BattleFront 1) (A MUST), and Dark Troopers for the Empire (also a MUST).

    I say it’s a GREAT idea, and TONS of money can be made, and MANY people can be happy, It’s a great idea for a 10th anneversary, It may not be a scene from the movie, but it can allow MILLIONS of people to add onto and make scenes.

  27. Memory

    There is no thing a man will give more freely than his opinion. Myself included, of course.

    A UCS Venator would be sweet. By far the best suggestion, IMO.

  28. Ezra

    I’d like to see a 30 pack of mini-figs with Star Wars accessories…maybe something packaged similarly like the City genre with city accessories.
    It should include the Skywalker family, the Jedi Counsel, Characters from the Dark Side, and some Stormtroopers, doids, etc.

  29. MinifigMe

    I would have to go with some sort of a UCS Rebel Blockade runner, but with minifigures. Kind of like the UCS Falcon?

  30. Mark Vier

    There are some great ideas out there, but I will have to go with a Life Day Advent Calendar. Maybe some minifigs from the Holiday Special. Bea Arthur anyone?

  31. alibi

    I’m definately for some kind of hangar or bay where we can display out theme-approrpriate minifigs, ships and whatnot.

    I’d kill to see a Death Star loading dock like the one where Vader lands his Imperial Shuttle.
    Modular setup for easy size expansion, buy more sets for a bigger setup; walls included. Some variant sets like doors, droid bays, over-hangs, elevator platforms in the ground etc etc.
    Definately minifig scale, smooth tiles (for reflections like the movie).

  32. WordGuardian


    As an AFOL and collector for the past 20 years, the Lego Star Wars line is my favorite. Here are a few things I would love to see. In standard Lego System minifig scale:

    1) More battle packs – lots of minifigs for minimum price
    2) A set featuring Tautauns – my hoth soldiers look funny on Kaadus
    3) A battle pack featuring Sail Barge figs – Weequay, Barada, etc… these would be easy and fun to buy a few to mix n match parts
    4) A “battle” pack featuring Cantina denizens – expand the universe!
    5) A Rancor monster – I know it’d be pricy to make the mold, but you did it for the Hungarian Horntail!
    6) Kyle Katarn and his ship the Moldy Crow – if Force Unleashed does well… why not more from games?
    7) An E-wing – my personal favorite fighter
    8) Any set less than $100 featuring an A New Hope Leia – and keep em flesh toned – some of us do prefer them, though I wish I could go back and make my whole collection match.
    9) Tantive IV – similar to your Republic Cruiser would be great
    10) Death Star Playset – trash compactor, detention level, chasm to swing across, maybe even a throne room?

  33. Nathan (oo7)

    It’s great that our beloved manufacturer of the brick is reaching out to their fan base to answer a question like this, I think that’s a very good thing. Many thanks to you guys for organizing this.
    As for the set, I believe I’d fancy an Ewok village or a Mos Eisley diorama myself for its general usefulness when adopted into the historical themes (which I prefer), however, I don’t believe that a scene as such would be a very iconic Star Wars piece and therefore not a realistic option for an epic 10th anniversary release. Perhaps in that case I would be inclined to go with the hangar and microscale USC Super Star destroyer ideas as mentioned above.

  34. xashinx

    Jedi temple w/ the entire Jedi council. Oh and bring back the silver handle lightsabers.. These plain grey ones are kinda lame…

  35. Rocko

    I’d like to see a UCS AT-AT done like the UCS Millennium Falcon (minifig scale). Maybe throw in an actual General Veers instead of that crappy recycled element fig.

    A Mos Eisley cantina set would be nice too. Like a cross section of the bar with a few new aliens thrown in. I doubt they would make this though because they will probably focus on vehicles. So yeah, AT-AT.

  36. TheBrickster

    1) The Battle of Endor Diarama
    2) Definately Minifigure scale
    3) A number of Ewoks, Endor Luke, Leia, and Han; Stormtroopers, and Imperial Scouts on speeder bikes ( a Gold C-3PO – what better way to honor the anniversary).
    4) The Ewok village in the trees (a must), Bunker, and Shield Generator (perhaps even an At-ST).

    I think this would be a magnificent set and represent one of the greatest moments in SW Rebel history, the defeat of the Death Star/Imperial Forces. The gold C3PO would serve as a an excellent piece that not only was important to the Ewoks, but is symbolic to the anniversary. Hope you consider and thanks for listening.

  37. wintermute

    So far everything listed has been great.
    One of the things that I’ve noticed is the lack of special pieces mentioned in the above set ideas. The figs could be special editions certainly but this is a tenth anniversary celebration why not go all out and get some new molds.

    My suggestion to LEGO, make the two minifig scale star wars staples that don’t exist in the existing lego star wars palette:

    1. Taun taun – if they can make the frikkin’ kudu this has gotta be a no brainer.
    2. Wampa – and not just a rehash of the old troll molds.

    I imagine both of the animals to contain bar acceptable holes for viking horns just like the new skelly horses do. A similar hand design to the new troll on the Wampa would be rad. It could hold the “special edition” luke upside down just like in the movie!

  38. marcus

    a new speeder bike design. one that is better scaled and perhaps a one piece mold like the atvs and motorcycles are.

  39. David

    I’d like some Tauntauns too. You have a mold already made from when you made a prequel set from 2000 called 7115: Gungan Patrol. Those things work fine and can be made grey.

  40. chayo

    The Imperial base on Endor, han, C3PO, R2, Luke Leai, imperial scouts and troopers, lastsly an imperial oficer x2

  41. Tayasuune

    I’d have to go along with the Trade Federation Landing ship. Or even Motion’s idea of a mini rebel hanger.

  42. chayo

    Oh I forgot, minifig scale and perhaps the hallway leading to the death sheild generator, and the generator room, woops, and chewy of course!

  43. Paul (ThePlasticJedi)

    A minifig scale Tatooine diorama with a detailed cantina (Bar thugs, band players and all) would kick all other ideas asses 8 ways from Wednesday.

  44. Remi

    UCS X-Wing – rerelease the old version or make a new version, the most iconic Star Wars ship there is!

  45. SpiceSmuggler7

    Truly a great idea of an anniversary set.
    Some good ideas mentioned above.
    IMO id say no re-hashing of a pre-existing kit thatd be lame for an anniversary.
    One of my first ideas that popped in my head was the queens royal starship from EPI in full chrome ^_^ since LEGO likes doing things in chrome for anniversary’s. it would probly be the not to scale minifig size that they popularly use; with pilot cabin, astromech droid bay, the lounge area, folding ramp, can include the minifigs: anakin, padme in red handmaiden attire and maybe an alt set of crazy queen attire i.e.hair, captain Panaka,Obi etc…

    Some of the playset ideas I.E. death star or Endor are great but idk IMO they dont yell anniversary. They should def become sets anyway besides , who knows they might have them up their sleeves to keep the SW fire burinin, and theres a lot more characters and creatures that would be useful wampa taun taun etc.

    Another idea would be a big Vader helmet bust similar to Darth Maul’s the vader helmet has become pretty big with the SW 30th an.
    Thats all for now if anything strikes me later ill post

  46. graznador

    Although I understand that everyone wants this favorite ship or that favorite ship, it seems to me that AFOLs as a whole can recreate Star Wars ships far better than TLC can simply due the fact that we are not constrained by cost and technique like TLC. Instead of creating some ship or diorama that A) is a rehash of an older set or B) will be disappointing in choice or build to many fans, I feel TLC should make several super-sized Battle Packs. Each pack could contain 10 figures (for the 10th anniversary) including some fan favorite previously released figures and some all new figs. Each pack could retail for $20-25 dollars. By diversifying the themes of the packs, TLC can ensure that all fans will get something fun and new.

    Here are some quick examples I whipped up:

    Prequel Pack
    Clone Trooper, Yoda, Count Dooku, Qui Gon, Mace Windu, Unfinished C-3PO, Queen Amidala, Jango Fett, Wookie Warrior, Geonosian

    Classic Pack
    Temple Ceremony Luke, Bespin Han, Endor Leia, Gold C-3PO, Stormtrooper, Jawa, Tusken Raider, Boba Fett, Admiral Ackbar, Darth Vader

    Expanded Universe Pack
    Mara Jade, Asaaj Ventress, Battle Damaged Vader, Thrawn, (I dunno. Your faves here.)

  47. JimmytheJ

    I’d like some of those characters in lego starwars, that never made it in real sets. gimme a Pk, some astromechs, and some randomly assorted characters, never seen before, and I’ll be happy

  48. pe668

    A 9 volt train which has technic wheels and new track geometry with wider radius curves in original dark grey. Oh and you better put Boba Fett as an engineer with 200 storm troopers in the coaches.

  49. Moppe

    It should be the first ever seen vessel in the star wars universe:
    A Rebel Blockade Runner.
    It has been released in ISD- and UCS-scale. So Mini- or Minifig-scale (with Rebel-Troopers, Stormtroopers, Vader, Imperial Officer, Captain Antilles and Leia)

  50. trenchdigger

    I agree with the idea of a seet like a community fig set with new star wars figs that have never been done before. Like new sith jedi aliens and just a few basics like troops and droids!

  51. Saaz

    Minifig-scale Cantina. The one that’s already been released was neat, but make a much bigger and better one, with Han, Greedo, Chewie, Luke, Obi-Wan, the band, the two aliens that picked a fight with Luke, and a couple other random aliens.

    Other suggestions I like are:

    Big death-star playset. Ep IV, with the prison, trash compactor, etc.

    Big Ewok village – could be a good set, and it would be great for parts, think of all the brown and the foliage pieces!

  52. Shadowviking

    I’m having a hard time deciding, but in the end I have to go with something from Dark Empire- a “Battle of Mon Calamari” set with TIE boats, AT-AT barges, Rebel Skimmers and Sea Commandos, etc. and maybe try to keep it around $80.00 USD? Anything else from Dark Empire would be nice, though- an E-Wing would be fun as well.

  53. Steve

    I like Mainmans idea of a Shuttle “Tydirium”, at the same scale as the new UCS (minifig scale) Falcon. Have two sets of figs, one with the Emperors entourage and one with the Rebel Endor crew since the shuttle was Vaders and later stolen by the rebels.


  54. joshua barth

    Great ideas so far. My favorites are definately:

    1. Virago (from Shadows of the Empire)
    2. Minifigure scale: Yes
    3. Included minifigures: Prince Xizor and Guri (Shadows of the Empire)
    4. Adjustable S-foils (wings), functioning double laser cannons, sliding cockpit.

    1. Naboo Queen’s Royal Starship
    2. Minifigure scale: Yes
    3. Included minifigures: Padme, Panaka and decoy Amidala
    4. shiny pieces

  55. bidzybaby2007

    Dear Ambassador for the Supreme Chancellor that is LEGO STAR WARS,

    Upon reading other comments from fellow fans – I conclude that we all want:

    A) Shuttle Tydirium – from the battle of Endor. With Rebel Commando Troops kitted up with camourflage capes and customisted helmets. All on minifigure scale.

    B) Expanded Universe Vehicles and Characters e.g: Video Games, Clone Wars animated series, Movies, Comics, Books, etc.

    C) Tantive IV – Rebel Blockade Runner on a minifigure scale.

    D) A long time ago in anticipation >>> a Lego TAUNTAUN

    E) A Complete Collection of Jedi Council Members. Possibly include each members own customised Starfighter e.g: Anakin, Obi, Mace, Kit Fisto. ITS A JEDI PARTY!!!!!!!

    F) Episode 3’s “Venator Class Star Destroyer” on a minifigure scale/UCS

    G) Some kind of Mos Eisley Cantina set with lots of minifigures

    H) Everybody wants minifigures at low prices. Escpecially if fans want to build their own CLONE/DROID armies.

    …This concludes the conclusion…so far!!!!

    …..To be concluded

  56. wusmand

    I agree with chayo, I would like the imperial base on Endor, but maybye instead of storm troopers, we could put some rebel troops w/ endor decals! Every1 loves the forest colors!

  57. Dunechaser Post author

    Thanks for all the comments so far, everyone. One point of clarification (also added to the original post): The price range for this set will be around 150 USD/euros. Keep the ideas coming! :-)

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  59. Dean H.

    1. UCS Slave 1 (Jango’s, actual minifigscale)
    2. UCS Republic Gunship (actual minifig scale, with Ep. III clones)
    3. Venator playset, with Obi-Wan’s JSF that fits inside
    4. Endor Shield Generator (lots of stormies, an AT-ST, 2 speeder bikes, main characters, rebel troopers, and Ewoks)

  60. Thomas

    1. A set with both the Viragor AND The Outrider
    2. Minifigure scale definitely!
    3. Prince Xizor and Dash Rendar
    4. Anything!

  61. Robert Gurskey

    The Tatooine catina in minifig scale with every alien in the bar, including the catina band with musical instruments. The figs alone would probably drive this close to 150 USD.

  62. Preda

    I want a Slave 1,either the Jango or the Boba version would be great…actually,I want a set of a Slave 1 that looks good.I did own the first one and loved it,but I don’t like the new versions that came out in the last years,they look too much like a brick and lack the smooth thingie this ship has…wonder if anyone understands what I mean xD

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  64. Crystallin

    I think we don’t have enough romance in the Star Wars lego world. How about a Naboo lake side resort set? With full place settings and floatin fruit. And a gondola. And of course, we’d have to have several costume changes for the Amidala/Padme mini-fig. Do you think we can get the moonie look on Anakin too?

  65. Dez

    Damn. That’s a lot of comments. Anyway.

    After a lot of thought on this (read: About ten minutes)
    I have decided the thing I would want more than anything else would be a minifig scale Slave I. Jango or Boba’s would do.

    Mainman’s idea has merit. A new Imperial shuttle could be fun. Especially with Rebel commandos.

  66. curtis

    I say more episode 2 clones, imo they are better looking than the episode 3 clones. And they are what appear in the Clone Wars animated series.

    Also, I’d like to see a better version of the Vulture Droid, maybe a double pack.

  67. Alfred J. Speredelozzi

    Death Star Playset:


    Only better.

    Minifig scale with Luke, Leia, Vader, Obi-Wan, Han, Chewie, Stormies and Droids.

    I loved playing with that set as a kid.

    Then again, after the Lego Cloud City Playset, I don’t know if Lego would like that one.

    So, umm.. I guess second choice should be a ship.

    Mon Calamari Cruiser? Nah, given the terrible look of the Sith Infiltrator, the cruiser would probably stink. Besides, I wan’t minifig scale!

    Ok, I have it:

    Full Chrome version of Queen Amidala’s ship. With the queen and her attendants, and all 4 R2 units.

  68. Jason

    1 – Minifig release of all major characters in one set circa beginning of first movie. Thats the most memorable look and the place it all began with all the main characters. Include Ben, and several storm troopers. Have a little plastic 10th lego Star Wars Anniversary sign. Other lego should be simple to keep them all together.

    2 – Replica blaster pistol and light sabre 1:1 scale with sign and stand

    3 – 1:1 scale Storm Trooper Helmet, even slightly larger so it could be worn

  69. Kevoh

    I was trying to think of the most iconic/powerful moments in the original trilogy, which would also make good sets.

    One that came to mind was the Freezing Chamber in Cloud City. Han, betrayed by Lando, is slowly lowered into the chamber, sharing what could be his final moments with his love Leia. Luke faces Vader for the first time in sword combat.

    It is a critical turning point in the series, powerful emotionally and with an epic swordfight. Sure, the Cloud City set covered some of this ground already, but I’m envisioning a set focused only on the freezing chamber, rendering it in detail. Perhaps even with a light feature to get that perfect eerie orange glow…

    (And as an added bonus to all those minifig-grubbers, it would gracefully include all the main cast without appearing like a “fig pack”.)

  70. Ty

    I think a Brick-Built Bantha would be interesting. With some more Tuskans as well. Or the Tuskan village from Attack of the Clones.
    Just trying to think of different kinds of things…

  71. Todd

    What about something from Expanded Universe like the GAG Anakin Solo, or the Jedi Temple on Yavin 4. I’m also in favor of the Rogue Squadron when they broke away form the galactic Federation and repainted their X-Wings the way they wanted.

  72. timmmyt101

    PLEASE :)

    1) Display Model EXECUTOR(with Darth:)
    2) A complete collection of every STAR WARS minifig to date
    3) 5 or more podracers in a starting “set” and with each new one costing about $20


  73. Duo

    How about a Jawa Sandcrawler, totally to minifigure scale, that opens up so you can see the inside? Comes complete with a bunch of Jawas and droids, including Threepio and Artoo, and maybe even some Tusken Raiders to attack it.

  74. DutchRebel

    Thanx Andrew and LEGO for asking for our opinions.

    Tyderium (Imperial) Shuttle would be great, it’s used by the rebels as well as the empire.

    UCS style (like MF) with minifigs in Endor outfit.

  75. Ty

    Someone said Rancor, and that sound like a neat idea. They had one in the Lego Star Wars video game, but never in a set.
    And an Ewok Village would ROCK!

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  77. David

    My vote would be a playset based on something from A New Hope, which would be a great way to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of LEGO Star Wars (has it been that long?). In no particular order:

    1. Cantina set (Han & Greedo, Obi-Wan & Ponda Baba, the Cantina band, etc.)
    2. The Death Star escape (trash compactor, Princess Leia’s cell, the swashbuckling swing across the pit)
    3. The Lars family moisture farm (little huts, sunken down courtyard, blue milk!)

    Any of these would be great!

  78. bidzybaby2007

    After playing the COMPLETE SAGA video game this morning I noticed how cool those LEGO STAR WARS MOSAICS are within each level. Does anyone know what I mean?

    Mosaic R2D2, Mosaic Queen Amidala, Mosaic Jar Jar Binks, etc.

    My idea is to have an ultimate Lego Star Wars Mosaics. In which, Fans could build and frame their favourite characters.

    For a 150USD/euro retail price > Lego Group could launch a set with enough lego bricks to allow fans to build any character of their choice within a Lego baseplate frame.

    What better way to celebrate 10 years than hanging a lego mosaic picture in your home, Hooray

    Here’s an example of how the mosaic could work:


    Here is my own personal example 50 x 50 bricks in length and width


    THANKS Lego Group and everbody who has commented!

    May The Force Be With You All

    United Kingdom

  79. RedBishop

    The Rebel base on Hoth complete with the moutain side hangar doors and crumbling corridors, control centers with those big glass panel displays, the infirmary and the bacta tank where Luke gets after Solo recovers him from the storm. OOOOh and some Snow Troopers with the repeating heavy blaster of course! I think the should just build a snowy mountain of 1×1 studs and excavate to put all this inside :) and the collector’s edition Falcon should fit in the hangar of course… oh shoot you said 150$ not 1500! ah well!

  80. Garry

    My vote is for the Obi Wan vs Darth Vador lightsabre battle inside death star with Falcon, Luke, Han, Leia, Chewwy, droids and storm troopers.

  81. Bolivar

    For this 10th anniversary,I would like to see the famous battle on endor in front of the door of imperial base control with leila and han solo against the black imperial soldiers with the ewoks !

  82. Chrisc

    I’d like some set options such as:
    1) figurine sets – give us some character sets to go along with custom sets we have produced. Maybe a Star Wars 4 character set of good guys and another of imperial forces, another couple sets for Empire, etc.
    2) planet/scene sets – how about a bunch of sets like the cloud city, tantouine and others that we can use our existing vehicles and characters with?

  83. Juan Carlos

    1. The Naboo Royal Cruiser
    2. Geonosis Battle
    3. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, Ki-Adi Mundi, 20 Battle Droids, C-3PO, R2-D2, Padmé Amidala, Aayla Secura, Jango Fett, Boba Fett ,Count Dooku, 10 Super Battle Droids, 20 Geonosians, Shaak Ti and Luminara Unduli
    4. Fill your Separatist and Jedi Army and make the best Star Wars battle.

  84. Doug

    1. AT-AT with in-scale snowspeeder. Assorted snowtroopers, rebellion figures would be great additions.

    2. Holographic Chess set as played between Chewbacca and R2-D2 in episode 4 – So Sweet! Love models of things that can actually be used and it is so esoteric.

    3. C3-PO model as he appears in Episode 1

    4. Bounty hunter set with matching space ships.

  85. Matt

    1. Detention block on Death Star (command room, corridor, Leia’s Cell)

    2. Rancor Battle

    3. Carbon freeze chamber

    4. Emperor’s Room at Death Star II

    5. Massassi Temple

    6. Endor’s shield generator attack.

    7. Tusken Riders attack

    8. Alliance Briefing Room (Mon Calamari Cruiser)

    9. Alliance Command Center (Yavin IV)

  86. Bosstooned

    For the tenth anniversary i would indeed recommend one of the scenes which capture the ‘star wars feeling’ for the most fans.
    Though when you’re looking at the comments here it would become evident that the price range for this set is wrong, it’s too low for a real big set like a hangar or ucs, and too high to capture a single ship in minifig scale. Therefore i’d say don’t make a tenth anniversary set but make collection so that everyone can get his or her own ultimate Star Wars feeling.

  87. republic

    i have tones of ideas for 2009 star wars sets but some sets that i think would be great are
    1. at-ot(all terain open transport)
    2. endor shild bunker9 mini figur scale)
    3. Republic gun ship ( at-te transport)
    4. Mechanized Assault Flyer (MAF-episode 3)
    5. Gienosis battle ( 30 clones, 20 battle droids, 10 genosiens, count dooko and other mini figurs, and lots of vichles

  88. The_Vanquished

    I wish people would stop asking for gold C-3P0’s, just because you want one. They are worth around 100$, and would loose all value if mass produced in sets. It;s a bad idea.

    Now, I think the modular hanger idea isn’t a bad idea. make 4 or so sets (each corner, if its rectangular) and some of the wall, and they can all come together to make it. Let the fans decorate it with the vechicles of their choice. Not only is that a money saver when buying the set, but it also allows you to choose how you want yours to look.

    Only owning 2 or 3 Star Wars sets myself, if done correctly (some basic figs, not an army of lukes or anything, but generic pilots and workers) some accessories, it would definately be worth buying.

  89. Marcel

    How about a galactic senate set? You could have some senate pods and chancellor Palpatine’s office (w/ Palpatine, Palpy’s minions, Anakin, Mace Windu). Or maybe the Palpatine vs Yoda battle?

  90. Dunechaser Post author

    Thanks for your suggestion, Marcel. Unfortunately, the window for submitting suggestions has closed (as I alluded to in my update at the top of the original post). Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

    Just to prevent this type of confusion, I’m going to disable comments on this post for now. Please be sure to look for future opportunities to suggest ideas, and don’t hesitate to use the contact form on the blog to submit feedback to LEGO through the LEGO Ambassador program.

    Thanks for all your great ideas, everyone!

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