Maintaining Normality

Lego sculpturer and owner of MOCpages Sean Kenney has a tendency for artistic expression. His latest work is called Maintaining Normality.

If you have read his explanation but still do not understand the symbolism, according to the artist, “the pole represents the objects that we insert into our environments … be they cars, buildings, big macs, whatever … and the person represents the demeanors, chi, and social constructs we insert into our environments. In my sculpture, they’re both white because they both represent the ‘potentially dangerous input’ into our world.”

Edit (AB): You can also hear more from Sean on his blog.

2 comments on “Maintaining Normality

  1. Rocko

    Yeah, yeah. I get it. Some Lego creations, and art in general, are full of grossly overused concepts that try and convey a sense of profoundness. This, along with 99% of art out there, fails. I think this guy should stick to Google logos and other less pretentious subject matter.

  2. HeadJam

    I need a shovel to read your explanation. There is not one person on the planet that would’ve figured that out by themselves, ergo you are a pretentious twat.

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