LEGO Star Wars 10186 General Grievous figure set [News]

It has been confirmed that LEGO will be releasing a General Greivous figure set for the summer.

26 comments on “LEGO Star Wars 10186 General Grievous figure set [News]

  1. David

    This reminds me the old Star Wars sets that were just weird, but these are brick built and not Technic.

  2. wusmand

    I never was a fan of these larger scale figures, but I since I nvr got 1 of the droid or repair droid, I might get this 1.

  3. zachmoe

    Micah…I’m pretty sure that most of the sets in that Brickshelf gallery have been confirmed as actual sets…

  4. David

    Yes all those sets have been confirmed. There will be 8 Clone War sets, and we haven’t seen all of them yet.

  5. "Big Daddy" Nelson

    Micah: You can download the instructions for this set from (enter set # 10186). That is where the image came from.

  6. legovaughan

    this looks really sweet, but i’ll bet it’s gonna be typically high SW price. =/

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  10. star wars fan #1

    This the most kick ass lego i ever saw. Is this thing in stores? I have a shitt load of huge legos.mostly star wars.I wish i had it!

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