The siege of Tirachinas

SlyOwl‘s great Battles Contest entry includes some really cool building techniques:

Reader Andrew pointed out the flowers as blood, but that’s not the only cool detail. The cannonball embedded in the wall, the splashing fire, and the different textures of the wall are all great, but I’m sure there’s more all of you out there can point out.

7 comments on “The siege of Tirachinas

  1. Ramone

    That “white” must be froth stirred up from the motion of the boat. It’s tough to make good froth these days.

    In other news, what the hell would we do without lego fire pieces?! Those things have really added life to dioramas. Nice work!

  2. LegoShark

    The only flaw i see with this technique of bricks for water is that it’s too serene. a battle is going on, and the water is totally calm?

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