Piece of Peace: UNESCO World Heritage Sites in LEGO Part 2

Almost exactly two years ago, we highlighted the Piece of Peace exhibit in Japan, featuring UNESCO World Heritage sites built from LEGO by Japanese Master Builder Kazuyoshi Naoe (photo by SkylineGTR).

Now, a second exhibit (complete with an official blog) has been opened at the Parco shopping complex in Shibuya (an area of Tokyo), and photos of the amazing models have been turning up everywhere since the exhibit first opened in Shibuya on February 1st (the exhibit is now in Nagoya, until March 24).

Check out some of the World Heritage sites featured in the exhibit.

St. Basil’s Cathedral (photo by SkylineGTR) and Horyu-ji Pagoda (photo by Hirotaka Hatayama):

Shirakawa Village (photo by Yuki Koga)

The Acropolis (photo by Koji Hachisu):

Mont St. Michelle (photo by Hirotaka Hatayama):

And what a difference two years makes! I had to dig all over the ‘net to find the handful of pictures I used in my post, but here are just a few of the places where this event has been covered so far:

(Photo of Sagrada Familia by Hirotaka Hatayama.)

For more information on UNESCO World Heritage sites, you can peruse the complete list on UNESCO.org.

Finally, I leave you with the tag-line: “Pieces of piece — the more the better.” Indeed.

7 comments on “Piece of Peace: UNESCO World Heritage Sites in LEGO Part 2

  1. Arthur Gugick

    After viewing the amazing Lego landmarks of Kazuyoshi Naoe, I am almost embarrassed to post my own work. His work is amazing; clearly an order of magnitude better than anything I’ve seen (or built) outside of Legoland itself.

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  3. Michael Mallows

    I never particularly enjoyed playing with Lego, much too fiddly for me, but I always loved what other people were able to achieve with it.
    I admire the effort, energy and patience that has gone into these pieces, including yours, Arthur (although I am still not much tempted to get a Lego set!).

    Go well

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  5. Neal

    Very cool – thanks for posting! I saw this at the Parco store in Tokyo store when I was in Japan last month. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera so it was fun for me to see these pictures. All of the Lego landmarks were truly amazing. I had Legos as a kid but was never this ambitious. Plus I didn’t have enough Legos.

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