Buy LEGO: Complete modular street now available from the LEGO Shop

All three of the modular building sets are now available from the LEGO Store online.

Left to right, that’s:

Yay! But don’t you find the gaps in the product numbers intriguing? I do…

4 comments on “Buy LEGO: Complete modular street now available from the LEGO Shop

  1. Steve Witt

    The numbers are a little wonky because of the departments the sets are coming from. Cafe Corner and Green Grocer are Direct to Consumer Exclusives while the Market Street is a LEGO Factory item. The numbers will always have some gaps but there’s usually other products to fill them:

    10182 – Cafe Corner
    10183 – Hobby Train
    10184 – Town Plan
    10185 – Green Grocer
    10190 – Market Street
    10191 – Star Justice
    10192 – Space Skulls

    The hobby train is an oddity in there, but I’m guessing it was part of that original series because it was an earlier release grouping than the market street, whereas cafe/train came out around the same time. also it was their new series of products being started off with the market street and continuing into the space products. just some fun thoughts.


  2. Dunechaser Post author

    Good point, Steve. Always nice to have answers direct from the good people at LEGO.

    (But it’s also fun to foster rumors and innuendo. :-D)

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