LEGO Exo-Force theme to end in 2008 [LEGO]

The LEGO Exo-Force theme was received with mixed feelings back in 2005. Nevertheless, many fans have embraced the theme in the intervening years — if for no other reason than that it yielded a plethora of new minifigs and other new parts.

So, it is once again with mixed emotions that I share the news of the end of the LEGO Exo-Force theme at the end of this year. Personally, I think the 2008 Exo-Force sets were some of the best-designed sets of the theme, so it’s disappointing to say goodbye to the theme just as it seems to be coming into its own.

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  1. Dace

    I’m with you, Dunechaser.
    Although they were never on my “must but list,” I thought the theme got better with each new line-up.

  2. wusmand

    My first set was the stealth hunter, as well it was my first stickers. You will be missed exo-team and Keekin! Who knows, maybe the robots will be worth $ some day.

  3. Fred

    Sets were flimsy and hod podge. parts/colors were wonderful.
    I also liked the artwork on the boxes -kept hoping they would have a fort built into a jungle mountain side.

    ah well

  4. David

    Stupid LEGO. You make bad sets in a good line of course they won’t sell.

    The 2008 sets are great, and LEGO can’t see that? I think this could be a trick so everyone goes and buys Exo-force before it’s gone and then LEGO can go “Well sells were so great we are bringing them back”. Because this is very odd for LEGO to comment about a theme ending this early in a year.

    Exo-force was the only completely new and different theme Lego had going for it, and now it’s gone. You will be missed.

  5. mike yoder

    I bought pretty much every Exo-force set in the $5-$25 range. In multiples. I even built most of the sets before I parted them out, and I can’t say that for too many lines. I would have picked up the larger sets if they didn’t suck so much. RIP Exo-Force.

  6. Ezra

    If there’s no possible way to petition to continue the exo-force, I really hope Lego has a new theme to top it.

    What if Lego bit on the current Post-Apoc and SteamPunk trends?

  7. David

    Bionicle might be ending, it says “The final battle is now” on some ads. I doubt they will end it, just replace it with a new version. But it sells and Exo-force doesn’t.

  8. Bryan

    I just started getting into Legos because of this line! Lego better have something big planned, or it seems I may be refering to legos 5 years from now as, “they had a brief period of cool stuff”…

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